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There Is An Easy Way To Have More Sex, Study Finds

You just need to develop this personality
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jul 31, 2016
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Being generous doesn't only attract good karma but it could also get you steamy rewards from your partner, according to two studies published in the British Journal of Psychology.

A team of researchers came to this conclusion after asking 297 men and women to describe their charitable tendencies—including whether or not they donate money, blood, or help people in need. They also looked at each participant's self-reported sexual history. Results show that generous women receive more sexual attention while men who are more charitable have had more sexual partners in their lifetime.

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To check if participants were true with their self-reported behavior, the researchers tested whether they were willing to donate potential monetary winnings in the second part of the study. They were given $100 and had the choice to keep or donate it to charity. The participants were also required to answer questions about their sexual history and, to check if they were telling the truth, were tested for their tendency to embellish the truth.


The results back up earlier findings: men who donated the money were found to have had more sexual partners while the women who were more charitable had sex more frequently.

"The present study provides the first empirical evidence that altruism may tangibly benefit mating in humans living in Western industrialized society," noted the researchers. "Sex differences might exist with respect to the utility of altruism for mating, whereby it is a more effective signal for men than for women."

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