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REAL TALK: How Your Semen Tastes According To The Food You Eat

The things you should gorge on to make your man juice, well, swallowable
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 3, 2016
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Gentlemen, if you want your partner to go down on you more often, you might want to consider switching up your diet.

Sex expert Donald Zimmer told that sugary fruits like kiwi, watermelon, and pineapple make semen taste lighter, while beer and coffee leave it with a strong, bitter flavor. Meat and fish can make it taste more buttery, while acidic fruits like cranberries, and liquors can give it a sugary flavor.

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The book Doing It: Real People Having Really Good Sex also suggests that eating veggies will make your semen taste better. A warning though: Steer clear of cabbage, broccoli, and asparagus. They are high in sulfur which make your semen taste worse.

In addition, don't chug milk before she gives you head as it can cause semen to taste awful due to its high bacterial levels.

But we don't expect you to just take our word for it, so, to confirm these claims, we summoned the courage to ask nine real women: "Have you ever noticed if the food your partner consumes affects the taste of his semen?"

Below are their responses:

"Yes, it really does. I convinced my partner to eat pineapple after reading some articles claiming that it can improve the taste of semen. We recently tested it and it worked within 30 minutes of consumption. He ate about two cups of pineapple. We tried it because I don't like the taste of his semen but it tasted great after the pineapple." —Nadine, 25

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"It won't taste exactly like what you eat, but it will affect the taste. Based on my observation, apple apparently makes it sweeter while bitter gourd makes the taste unpleasant." —Jane, 23

"I have been swallowing my partner's for a long time. He was a huge meat lover back then and now he is a vegan. I can say that his decision to switch his diet has greatly improved the taste of his semen." —Carla, 27


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"I was having a conversation with my friend a few weeks ago and she told me about this. I totally hate swallowing and my boyfriend always wanted to see me eat his cum. I shared the information with him and he is now eating more fruits and veggies. I was surprised that it tastes good. I actually enjoy giving him head now." —Ena, 21

"The best tasting I've ever had was from a major fruit eater. I'm no doctor but I think it's because fruits are generally healthy. I've heard that lots of hot food, garlic, beer, and other stuff can make it taste nasty, too." —Marian, 22

"My ex-boyfriend ate junk food all the time and I noticed that his semen was always salty. The guy I'm with now eats super healthy like Caesar salad and lots of apple, and his cum tastes like nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's heaven." —Joyce, 24

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"I think it's true that what you eat changes the taste of the semen. My boyfriend's was rather salty and not that nice tasting and he ate a lot of pork meat and fatty foods. When we tried some fruits and vegetables, and he stopped smoking for a few days, it changed." —Mika, 29

"My partner said drinking plenty of fruit juice especially pineapple juice makes it taste good. I think he is right because when I gave him head and swallowed his semen, it does taste good. I really like it." —Katrina, 31

"I've tasted cum from both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and I guess I was lucky in general, none of them tasted generally bad."—Sunshine, 20


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