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Sex in Next-Gen Tech
More than just vibrators and porn videos
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 22, 2013
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With the continued evolution of gadgets and devices comes their deeper application to the more primal needs of the flesh. Sex IS in tech, and no, we're not just talking about vibrators and porn videos that are readily available for public consumption.

We've become much more creative, cooking up more ways using things geeky and shiny to spice up our alone times with our lovers (or Mariang Palad if you're flying solo). Proof? Read on and see how tech can be so utterly kinky with a big "Not For Minors" tag.

Kinky apps

Tablets and smartphones are today's most patok gadgets. With this in mind, devs have lined up to create tons of apps to cash in and maximize their popularity and ubiquity. This includes those who want to cater to the more mature section of the audience with adult creations that make mobile devices the instruments of sexual arousal.

Kinky examples: Sex Secrets
(iOS), Ultimate Sex Dice (iOS), Touch Me Baby! (Android)

Best for: Learning techniques to improve your sex life.

Adult games

Warning: Video potentially NSFW

There are a lot of video games that serve up some measure of nudity and adult content on the side. And there are a few others that really push things to the limit. These are the titles that you'd want to hide from your peers and play by your lonesome out of embarassment. They've been around for some time while newer ones that look more like they're parts of an X-rated movie continue to arrive. And with motion-gesture tech making its way to gaming, sky's the limit!

Kinky examples: Save The World or Not (PC), Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (Xbox 360, PS3)
Best for: Playing solo, when you're just curious on how naked virtual babes look like, and not after great gameplay.

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