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Sex Dolls Are Taking Over The World

One was mistaken for an angel; another sells for $10,000
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 4, 2016
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Sex toys have come a long way from the archaic methods of erotic electrosimulation to the creepy and supposed to be sexually gratifying "love dolls."

These blow-up babes have become so life-like people are now willing to pay ridiculous wads of cash to try to fill the void in their NGSB life.

Like these eerily realistic ones from Japanese sex toy company Orient Industry, which its creators describe as "works of art."

You be the judge:

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These latex ladies are currently on display at the Vanilla Art Gallery in Tokyo, simply because Japan.

Of course, all that impeccable and pants-tightening aesthetic comes with a pretty hefty price tag—aspiring owners should be ready to shell out $10,000 (roughly P470,000).

That's right. Almost half a million pesos for a plastic playmate made from the material of your choice (cloth, plastic, silicone), your preferred lifeless look on her face, and the most important detail: breast size.

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And if that ain't odd enough, wait till you see its final and game-changing feature:

Altogether now, "WTF!"


From one sex doll story to another...

A remote village in Indonesia thought somebody up there sent an "angel" down when one of its locals, a fisherman, found a humanlike figure floating in the sea.

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Although what they thought was a "bidadari"—a type of angel or spirit—was actually an inflatable sex toy, according to authorities who confiscated the doll after rumors of supernatural significance escalated in social media following the discovery.

Adding fuel to fire was the timing of the "rescue"—almost right after solar eclipse that happened a little over two months ago.

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Before the Indonesian police were able to confiscate the love dummy, the people in the Banggai islands of Sulawesi went as far as wrapping it in modest clothing and even fitted it with—wait for it—a hijab.

Double WTF.


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