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Who’s Up For Another Round? FHM’s Guide To Pre-Sex Exercises!

Incorporate explosive power, endurance, and flexibility into the sack and you'll be her champ for all time!
by Peter Imbong | Jul 29, 2014
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You try your best to please your woman. But after one round you and your manoy are down for the count—and probably will stay that way for some time. And she's left wondering, "Who’s up for another round?"

As always, we've got your back, loverboys! Do regular sets of FHM’s Pre-Sex Exercises, designed to build tongue-to-toe flexibility and endurance in the sack, and get to finally answer "YES! YES!" the next time she asks if you can give her more jiggy!


Works: Tongue muscles, oral stamina

The Nose and Chin Touch

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• Stick your tongue the farthest it can reach to the front and curve it up trying to touch the tip of your nose with the tip of your tongue.

• Return your tongue to the front, then curve it down, and try to reach your chin.

For: Flexibility while muff-exploring, tongue-fencing

Do The Polo

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• Get a mint/candy with a hole in the center. Hold it between your upper and lower teeth/lips.

• Use the tip of your tongue to trace a circular pattern clockwise, then counter-clockwise.

• Poke the hole with your tongue. Sweep it all around. Repeat until it breaks.

For: Teasing and going deep in her woman parts

Go For The Seed

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• Get a half slice of a small fruit that has a seed in the center, e.g. a chico.

• Lick the inside of the split in the chico, using your tongue to access the seed. And if you've done that easily enough, try to extract the stone.

• Go for a santol for more difficulty.

For: Clit-licking, G-spot expeditions

Crushing Candy

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• Using a small piece of pebble-like candy—e.g. M&Ms, Skittles or Nips—use your tongue to press the candy into the bump behind your front row of teeth, without pressing your tongue into your teeth as well.

• Press the candy with your tongue steadily, until it breaks or dissolves.

For: The finisher, going for her big O

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Illustration Boisei Malicdem
From FHM's July 2014 issue
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