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Is It Okay To Have Sex While She Has Her Period?

According to an expert, it's okay as long as you're both comfortable with the idea
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 5, 2016
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The idea feels forbidden.

She's on her period and you want to have sex. Her body is telling you both to suppress your lust for each other so it can function normally. But you want to have sex.

Well, according to Rica Cruz, counseling psychologist and sex therapist, it's really okay—as long as "both parties [are] comfortable with the idea."

In order to minimize the mess, the Boys Night Out sex and relationship adviser recommends "shower sex [or] having a damp towel ready on the side."

"[You can also] have the woman lie on her back to reduce bleeding," she adds.

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Clarence, 25, who has experienced having sex while she's on her period agrees with the sexpert and says: "Just make sure you put a towel underneath you or your girlfriend and have wet tissues ready. Ideally din, have sex on your first or last day para hindi malakas."


Ariza, 27, says that it's not just the stains you have to worry about; you have to think about her emotional vulnerability at this time, too. She says, "If you don't want her to feel bad about herself—given that it's really not that comfortable to begin with—don't ever mention the smell of the blood or say 'yuck' when you see your penis covered with blood."

Meanwhile, Cha, 22, says she's never tried it with her fiancé because she worries that her other half might get sick.

"I never permitted him to have sex with me while I'm on period kasi baka magkaroon siya ng health problem knowing that the blood I release is dirty," she says.

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But how "dirty" is it really? Are there health risks involved when having bloody sex? 

There are diverging opinions on the matter. 

On one hand, the blood isn't dirty per se, and is in fact an indication of good health. "Period is part of a bigger process that gets [her] body ready for pregnancy—not [her] blood rejecting 'bad blood' or 'impurities'. In fact, [her period] is a sign that [she's] healthy young person," an article, the "Menstruation Myths," states.

On the other hand, that blood could also be a potent carrier of diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionher cervix is more open during this time of the month, which lets more bacteria or viruses out. These organisms could potentially infect your penis. 

To be on the safe side, Cruz offers a practical piece of advice: "Practice safe sex and use a condom."

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Asked if a girl can still get pregnant if you go in between the sheets when the red flag is up, Cruz responded: "Yes, she still can though the likelihood is very small." 

American Pregnancy says this mostly happens when your partner has an irregular cycle or you had sex at the tail end of her period. The egg can survive for two to five days after being released in the ovary. If the sperm and the egg meet, it may fertilize and lead to pregnancy.


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