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FHM Presents: Sex On The Go!

The<em> FHM</em>'s Car-Sutra!
by Mikko David | Sep 9, 2013
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Sexual tension shooting up in the middle of the road? With a few skillful maneuvers, you can man the wheel and take her for a ride with these basic auto-sutra positions!

Welcome to FHM's Sex On The G0! Check out our updated automobile lovemaking tips below!



The Cruise Control

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Feeling lazy? You’ll love this. All you have to do is sit back and get off. A move that  can be done either parked or, if you’re skilled enough, while driving. Just have your girl slide your piece in her for the win. With both your hands preoccupied massaging her boobs, she can then handle the steering chores as you work the pedals. Having your date wear a skirt should make access easier for a variety of positions.

The Bore and Stroke

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One of the easiest foreplay positions you can do. It’s so painless that you can even have a go at this while driving—not that we recommend you be carnally distracted on the SCTEx, though. While your girl is going down on you, reach for her backside and return the compliment. She’ll surely be wet in no time.

The Tailgate

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There are many areas to do the doggy in a car—on the reclined passenger or driver’s seat with your girl lying down on the backrest and you leaning into her; or in the back seat where there are less protrusions to hit. Heavy tint, however, is required.

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Illustration James Andres Originally published in FHM Philippines June 2013 issue
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