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2018's Most Popular Internet Sex Terms So Far

We know you're curious
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 11, 2018
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You probably know what BDSM means, or even what a creampie is (it's not a dessert, bruh). But how about edging and eut? Do you know what these terms mean? You've probably encountered them while browsing the internet in search of, err, cute kitten videos. Or perhaps, a friend has mentioned them during one of those late night inuman sessions. Either way, these sex-related terms are all over social media, and we know, it’s kind of embarrassing to ask your buddy what they mean.

So to help you out (and enlighten you, dear reader), we've rounded up some of the most popular (and kinkiest) words that are trending this 2018. Take note of their meanings, gents! You don't what to use them in the wrong context.

CBT (Cock And Ball Torture)

Cock And Ball Torture, more popularly known as CBT, is a sexual technique wherein a woman applies pain to a male’s genitalia. Torture methods include tickling, squeezing, stretching, flogging, and even electro-simulating are just some of the fun activities that fall under this fetish. Ouch.

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Choad is a derogatory remark. When someone says "Darling, you have a choad," she means you have a short and fat cock. It's not a compliment, guys. 


According to Urban Dictionary, cuckold is a term that is used to describe a "married man who gets aroused in watching his wife having sex with another man." On the other hand, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary simply defines cuckold as a "man whose wife is unfaithful."


Edging is a sexual technique wherein you edge closer and closer to climax or ejaculation, yet you stop, and delay it until a few more times for a more intense orgasm. The act aims to increase the duration of sex. Also, according to studies, edging apparently helps improve one’s stamina and performance. 


Wikipedia describes jelqing as an act when you try to naturally enlarge your penis by "squeezing and stroking it in such a way that it forces blood flow to the tip, which, hypothetically stretches your cock." The technique is dangerous though—based on recent studies published in Cosmopolitan, jelqing can lead to "pain, irritation, scar formation, blood vessel and tissue tears, and even disfigurement."

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Queening is a type of oral sex wherein a woman sits on a man’s face. The woman is called a queen because the position puts her in control.


Believe it or not, the term has been around since 2001 and was popularized by American author Dan Savage in his Savage Love column. Simply put, pegging, as stated in Urban Dictionary, is a sexual act wherein "a woman wears a strap-on dildo (or holds a handheld dildo/vibrator) and uses it to have anal sex with her male partner."


Sploshing, also known as Wet And Messy Fetish (WAM), is described by Wikipedia as "covering yourself in food or other wet and messy substances in order to achieve sexual stimulation and arousal." Sploshing can be food play, lotion play, or even mud wrestling.

On the other hand, here are some original Pinoy sex-related terms that are going viral, too:

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Online dictionary Tagalog Lang says that eut is derived from the Visayan word iyotIyot means “sex.”


Karat is a Kapampangan word which means “to have sex,” according to Tagalog Lang.

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