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The Sexiest Football WAGS At The FIFA World Cup!

Here are the lovely ladies we expect on the sidelines in the Round of 16! Knockout indeed!
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 27, 2014
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With hot fans, hot newscasters, and hot players, football is one of the best chick spotting sports on the planet. Fact.

Now throw in the legendary footballer WAG’s (Wives And Girlfriends) and focusing on the actual games get pretty damn hard. And since we're currently in the thick of things for World Cup 2014, here are the lovely ladies we expect on the sidelines in the next phase of the tournament, the Round of 16!(Plus a couple we sadly won't see anymore!) Knockout indeed!

Get ready to get really, really jealous!

– Gabriella Lenzi (Neymar)

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Brazil’s wonderboy is currently locked up in a love triangle with old flame Bruna and new hotness Gabriella. It’s not a bad problem to have, we say.

ON TARGET PAIRING? (Wherein we answer whether they "look" good together) Call it in off the post, while he’s no Kaka, you can’t deny that Neymar looks better than the last few Brazilian star players. (Sorry, Ronaldo!)

– Gaby Ramirez (Alan Pulido)

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Young Alan Pulido faces an uphill struggle to get gametime during this World Cup, but he probably doesn’t mind because... Good God, just look at Gaby Ramirez!

ON TARGET PAIRING? No. We say it’s unfair that Gaby chose to sink her cougar teeth (she’s 36, he's 23) into such a plain-looking kid.

– Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau (Wesley Sneijder)

Formerly Ms. Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen, she is as pretty as you’d expect someone with a name like that. She was born in the island paradise of Ibiza in Spain, which you might know as the place of all those Hed Kandi parties.

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ON TARGET PAIRING? Yes. Bro Wesley kind of reminds us of Seann William Scott.

– Laia Grassi (Alexis Sanchez)

Follow her on INSTAGRAM (@laiyls) RIGHT NOW and stare into her blue eyes in all those selfies she loves to post.

ON TARGET PAIRING? Right down the middle. Alexis kinda looks like a Latino gangsta, we guess we can live with that…

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