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Sending Naughty Messages Can Actually Improve Your Relationship

'Text dirty to me'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 25, 2017
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A new study has found that sending your girlfriend sexually suggestive messages can increase satisfaction between the sheets

Researchers from online medical service provider surveyed 2,000 people on how often they sext, how it affected their sex life, and everything else in between.

They found that a whopping 57 percent of women felt more comfortable sending explicit images to a long-time boyfriend or husband. Only 17 percent would send an NSFW selfie to a new lover and six percent to an individual they've just had a one-night stand with.

“Our survey found women were more discerning when it came to sending out a sexually suggestive message. Sending a risque text takes a certain amount of trust in the recipient,” the paper reads.

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For women, boobs are the most sent sexts while their genitals are the least. Furthermore, the researchers suggest that the opposite sex are hesitant to include their faces due to “fear of seeing the picture show up somewhere other than where [it’s] intended.”

As you can see in the infographic below, people who sexted more often are more satisfied with their sex lives. Of the respondents who sexted daily, 61 percent reported being “very satisfied” with their sexual affairs. On the other hand, people who sexted less were often not as satisfied.

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The researchers concluded many people use sexting as a way to strengthen their connections as well as to fire up intimate moments with a partner.

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