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5 Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Japanese Idol Ai Shinozaki Is A Bathtime Beauty!

Let's make gulat a Japanese idol while she cavorts around in a bathtub!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 26, 2014
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With all the underwear fashion shows, bachelor bash parties, and whatnot that have bombarded our manliness this week, we've realized that there can only be one cure: the infinite loops of sexiness called The FHM Sexy GIFs.

After Aki Hoshino and Kana Kurashina, we feature another cutie pie from Japan, the 22-year-old gravure idol (and Kathryn Bernardo look-alike), Ai Shinozaki. As you've seen on the banner above, we've snuck up on her while she's lounging around in her bathtub. And though a bit surprised at first, it seems that the pretty Ms. Shinozaki will let us stay a while. For the duration of five GIFs at least! 

Keep your underwear on, buddy!

1)   We know what a bubble bath is, but have you ever heard of a "booble bath?"
(See what we did there?)

2)   At her pace, she's going to take an entire day to get clean:

3)   Her housemates: "
Bilis-bilisan mo naman mag-hilod Ai, male-late na kami!"

4)   FHM Nation: "Don't listen to them Ai. Take all the time you need, okay? We're here for you." 

5)   Hey Ai, you want us to get you a towel? On second thought...

Hope you're having a happy (sweldo-less) weekend everyone!

GIFs via Ai Shinozaki's YouTube video!