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5 Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Shizuka Nakamura In A Dangerously Revealing Tanktop!

Your weekly dose of <em>#FHMGifs</em> is back with Shizuka Nakamura, who cleans her house in a way that you'll surely like!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 5, 2014
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At long last, the weekend has come. And it isn't just another weekend. It's a long weekend thanks to the Muslim holiday called Eid al-Adha, which happens on October 6, Monday.

To conclude the week with a bang, we once again present you with those infinite loops of boso hotness called, the FHM Sexy GIFs. After last week's bath time adventures with Ai Shinozaki, this week we have—surprise, surprise—another Japanese idol!

Her name is Shizuka Nakamura, a 26-year-old idol who once acted in a Power Rangers movie. Today though, she won't be doing any Ranger-style martial arts. Because she'll be too busy cleaning the house in a notoriously revealing tank top! Don't you wish your househelp looked like her?

1)   Have you seen anyone so happy and bouncy while doing household chores?

2)   Presenting: the
butiki's eye view

3)   We don't know if she's scrubbing something or dealing cards to imaginary poker players

4)   One thing's for sure: The camera man's now suffering a major case of

5)   And in a few minutes, 80 percent of those reading this article will also start to get a raging...

After a day of jiggle-heavy cleaning, Shizuka takes some time off to relax...

...and hopes that you do the same this weekend!  

Happy Friday, FHM Nation! May your kuliti be as big and round as Ms. Shizuka's...eyes!

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