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This Video Starring Mara Lopez Is All Sorts Of Stunning And Sexy!

A visual masterpiece made with an incredible camera.
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 25, 2015
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We know you've already had your fill of our weekly #humpday cure, but in case you're still in need of a jolt, check out the video below:

What you just saw is sultry actress Mara Lopez lounging around in bed, naked, taking a shower, and dressing up with the kind of sexy, perk-you-up appeal our FHM TV videos are known for. You're welcome!

What's equally-impressive though is how the video looks. Sure, Mara's curves and smooth morena skin make for stunning visuals, but it's the image quality that truly elevates the clip to another level of impressive eye-candy.

For that, we have Abracadabra Inc. and Christian Halili, the video's director, to thank. Mr. Halili here is an award-winning visual storyteller, and is one of the men responsible for a whole lot of TV ads from some of the country's biggest brands. He's also a top-notch lensman, and we're proud to say that FHM is among his clients!

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christian halili

Meanwhile, Abracadabra Inc. is among the country's biggest and more aggressive commercial and film production houses today. Our man Christian recently took his talents to their fold, forming a partnership that will undoubtedly produce more visual masterpieces in the future. We can't wait!

However, after seeing how water trickled down Mara's skin and the subtle sway of her wet hair, we just had to ask: What kind of super cameras were used? Lads, here's your answer: the RED Epic Dragon (pictured below) and the RED Scarlet Dragon. These latest shooters from RED Digital Cinema's stable boast of 19-megapixels of imaging awesomeness and capture over nine times more resolution compared to standard HD.

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Nine times more resolution than standard HD!

christian haliliThe RED Epic Dragon

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