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Yes, She Wants To Get Out Of The Friendzone (And Get Into Your Pants, Too)

We're most likely referring to your closest girl (space, emphasis on space) friend
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 9, 2016
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Men are the ones usually sent to the friendzone. Almost every day, we hear women dropping the dreaded "I like you...thanks for being such a good friend." Sucks, we know. You know what's more painful, though? You doing the "friendzoning," if there is even such a term.

We understand, it's not your fault. Either you aren't taking her obvious hints, or maybe you just don't want to make assumptions at all. But if you have this itsy bitsy feeling that your closest girl (space, emphasis on space) friend might like like may very well be right.

And since you're having trouble deciphering if she's just being friendly or is in fact, flirty, we rounded up the signs that she wants to get out of the friendzone—aka she likes you, bro. Wag kang manhid.

1) She doesn't approve of your current flavor-of-the-month

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As a friend, you tell her daily stuff, the story of your life, and yes, even details about your current landi. If she's all nega about this new girl of yours, letting out lines like, "Ay malandi yan," "Sure ka? Siya talaga?" "Di ba siya yung ex ni ano na barkada rin ng ex niya? Eww player"—confirmed. At the back of her mind, her eyes are rolling 360 degrees already, her heart being shattered to pieces.


2) She religiously uploads your "couple selfies" and tags you in her posts

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Think she's just fond of taking selfies with you? Think again. If she uploads photo after photo of you together, tags you, posts on your wall, well, in local parlance, binabakuran ka na niyan. She loves the thought of everyone seeing you two being so tight, which suggests that you have something going on with her. It sends shivers down her spine whenever someone comments a heart sticker or "Kayo ba?" May chance, she probably says deep inside.

3) She always sings "Friend Of Mine" by Odette Quesada during your videoke bondings

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If she belts this, or Carol Banawa's "Bakit Di Totohanin?"the ultimate female friendzone song—then you've got yourself an abanger.

4) She flaunts what her momma gave her (boobs, butt, you name it)

Bad news, guys: Women are aware that men are visual creatures. So if all of a sudden she rocks that figure-hugging dress, cuts her hair, or wears anything that you said you like on her, fret not, she's just trying to impress you.

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5) She tells you that her actual boyfriend is "the worst guy ever"

To put it simply, she's making you jelly, damn it. Perhaps after that, you could realize her worth, and that you're the one for her. Yes, she's hoping to hear you sing Parokya ni Edgar's "Halaga" anytime soon. On the other hand, she might be...

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6) Single and not ready to mingle

You're her official date during family affairs, high school reunions, movie night with officemates, and every event possible. She neither has plans of installing Tinder, nor replying to that guy who keeps on pestering her. When will you finally come to your senses and actually notice her?

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