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Shopping bonanza!

<p>Heart-stopping, honest-to-goodness truths we all wish we could be part of</p>
| Oct 2, 2009
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Every weekend, I go to my boyfriend’s house to hang out, watch movies and do the natural thing. One time, my would-be mother-in-law asked us to accompany her to the grocery. I knew it would make our quality time shorter, but then I found a way to make it more exciting. I grabbed the shopping cart to impress mommy. Then I joined her in picking liquor for daddy. But then I got tired of pushing the cart so I asked my boyfriend to assist me. How? By going behind me while I was pushing the cart. While he was at my back, I pretended that I dropped something so I had to pick it up and feel his thing. And if his mom was about three rows away from us, I sometimes stole a three-second kiss from my boyfriend. Soon I felt his tool was becoming very hard. I never regret that day because it was when I found a new way to excite my boyfriend. So much that we did three rounds before he drove me home. Happy weekend!

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