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‘Sige po, ate!’

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| Feb 13, 2007
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One night my little brother and his friends had a sleepover at our place. They were planning on having a Lord of the Rings marathon and being the resident ate, I had to stay up and take care of them. When we finished at around 1AM, we were all pretty exhausted. I shooed them off to my brother’s bedroom while I went off to mine. I was collapsed on the bed already when I realized I had left the TV and the lights switched on downstairs. I went downstairs and was shocked! I saw that not only did one of my brother’s friends find our kuya’s porn collection, he was also busy jacking off to La Blue Girl. Now, La Blue Girl isn’t one of my favorite porn movies but with this boy getting off in a hurry, I found myself getting turned on. I sat on the bottom step of the stairs and started massaging my breast with one hand and sliding my finger up and down my slit thru my panties with the other. After a minute or so, I realized this wouldn’t be enough. So I approached the fat, pimply little boy and told him it was past his bedtime. In shock, he fell on the floor and I saw his erection rapidly deflating. I saw that he was really embarrassed so I told him it’s okay, and I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone as long as he’d go to bed. I took him to bed all right—not my brother’s bed, but mine. In no time I was kissing a virgin’s ears, down to his neck while my hand wandered down to his crotch. He reached up and started massaging my breasts. It kind of hurt; he obviously didn’t know what he was doing. But between his ministrations and the cold air-conditioning, my nipples were soon hard and I wanted more. I knew we didn’t have much time, so I yanked his shorts off. I teased him a bit, but soon guided him to the love tunnel. I began gyrating, extremely turned on by the nastiness of the situation, by his moans of pleasure. Apparently, he liked this better, because after a while he said, “Ate, lapit na ako.” After that we both exploded in one of the best sex encounters I’ve ever had. No experienced man has ever given that much control in a long time.
Virgin prunes, by email

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