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One Night Stan: 7 Signs That A Woman Is A Sexual Monster In Bed

Does she want sex? Will she be able to please my high sex standards? <em>FHM</em>'s Master Suplado answers these and more!&nbsp;
by Stanley Chi | Jun 28, 2014
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I’m sure a fellow pogi like you have been on a date before with a girl who gave you hints that she wanted to sleep with you. But before you pump your fist and scream out “Score!” the next time it happens again, think of these questions: Will I be able to satisfy her? What if she’s a dead fish in bed and I’ll do all the work?

Of course, there’s also this: Will she give me a blowjob? 

Tough questions, I know. But by observing how a girl acts and thinks, you can answer all of those, plus this equally important question: Is she good in bed?

Lemme teach you how!

7 Signs She’s a Sex Goddess

Women are just as complicated as the weather. But just as meteorologists have mastered the science of reading weather signals, so can you master the art of deciphering a woman’s sex signals. Habang may buhay, may pag-asa. (Gets mo?) So, let’s get started on making you an unofficial woman forecaster.

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First, ask yourself: Does your girlaloo fit the bill?

Confidence. Does she like to take charge? A strong woman knows what she wants and will go on top without even blinking. If she’s not, then pray hard that she’s a Maria Clara at face value but a Maria Ozawa in the sack.

Also: pray hard that she's not a psycho who gets off
on pointing a deadly, phallic object in your mouth

Experience. Is she still a virgin? If not, then you know she’s had practice. If she still is, then you might have to do all the work…

Participation. Does she split the bill during a date? If yes, then she believes in give-and-take. That just might mean that she’s the kind who reciprocates when doing the dirty.  

So, does she have the above qualities? Now, look for these seven signs that she’s an animal in bed:

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She’s a good kisser. A good kisser loves foreplay. And if she loves foreplay, she’ll want to stay for the main act! Just make sure you won’t be too gigil while you’re making MOMOL.

Extra tip: huwag ma-excite nang masyadong mabilis—if you know what I mean 

She dances like there’s nobody watching. So what if she looks like a snake having a seizure? Give her plus points for effort. Besides, her eagerness to dance despite an obvious lack of talent just might mean she’s willing to experience something new at the risk of looking like a fool.

She does yoga. Flexibility is the key—to a multitude of sex positions, that is! You can’t do all 64 Kama Sutra positions unless you can bend and twist like a yoga pro.

NEXT: Identify her "dirty look"! 

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