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A Dame To Kill For: Eva Green's History Of Sexiness

There isn't a lot going for Sin City 2 other than real-life dame-to-kill-for Eva Green
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 26, 2014
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The new Sin City movie is now showing in cinemas, and as it turns out, it might be a few years too late.

Having opened in the US a few days earlier, the reviews have come in: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has lost its visual impact and visceral appeal in a post-Dark Knight world—its dark, heavy tones, and stylized violence defanged by the years. 

For everyone who saw the first Sin City movie waaaay back in 2005, there remains one big reason to keep watching the (mostly) black-and-white neo-noir thriller, and its name is Eva Green, whose Sin City poster was censored by the Motion Picture Association of America for “Curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

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How can you not watch a movie with a poster like that?

While A Dame To Kill For might not be the visual tour-de-force its prequel was, the fact that Eva is indeed a real dame to kill for is reason enough for us to watch. In celebration of Ms. Green's curves, we go on a little retrospective on the sexy French actress's film history, and ogle hard without the risk of having our brains blown off in a glorious white splatter.

Here's Eva Green's spectrum of sexiness from fully clothed to fully naked!

10)   Heavily-clothed beauty in Ridley Scott's religious epic Kingdom Of Heaven

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Level of sexiness: We get to focus on her, uhm, angelic face 

Should you Google her appearance: We recommend it if you're a war and Christian history buff, but we say pass on it if all you're looking for are the kind of moments everyone pauses for 

9)   Victorian Era lady in French film adaptation of Arsene Lupin, the grandfather of anime's Lupin III

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Level of sexiness: Cleavage, sexy eyes, and really kagat-able neck and shoulders!

Should you Google her appearance: She's pretty and really desirable in it...that should amount to something

8)   Not-so-slutty witch in
 The Golden Compass

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Level of sexiness: For a kids' movie, there's some cleavage and leg exposure in there.  

Should you Google her appearance: It depends. Do you like kids' movies?

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