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6 Ways To Score With A Gamer Girl

Do you like it hot? Date a gaming geek
by Jeeves De Veyra | Apr 30, 2017
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You can’t deny it: geeky girls are hot. And the gamer girl, a subspecieis of the geeky girl, is hotter than most.

Of these gamer girls, there are two major types. There’s the computer gamer girl who’s into electronic gaming. She can be a casual gamer (Candy Crush or Clash of Clans? Yes!) or a hardcore gamer, who can probably speed-run through Dark Souls and hold her own in online games like World of Warcraft.

Other gamer grisl are into board games. They like exercising dominance up close and personal; from Cards Against Humanity to strategic games like Splendor, or day-long intensive games like Descent and the Battlestar Galactica board game. Beware: these girls are patient and master strategists.

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Want to score with a techie girl or a board game chick? Take our advice and get your game on right away…

Be a playah!

Being a poseur around a geeky gamer girl is highly discouraged. The hardcore gamer girls know their stuff and they abhor fakers. So really, the best way to make it work is to just start playing the games. Visit board came cafes like Dyce and Dyne. These cafes have regulars who will be happy to teach you the games available in their library. Play with yourself and learn. Even better, ask your gamer girl to play with you.

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Don’t be limp gamer: Get help online with shows like Tabletop from Geeky and Sundry YouTube channel or gaming sites like IGN and Kotaku for competer and console games.

Master foreplay

Girls like a guy who listens to them. Geeky gamer girls aren’t any different. But with gamer girls, instead of listening to what her friend did or what she bought, you’re going to hear about her latest game purchase and her killer board game session last night. Or she might lure you into a discussion on the merits of strategy and tactics. Remember that gamer girls are passionate folk. If you get them hot and excited enough with words, the rest will follow smoothly.

Don’t be limp gamer: Immerse yourself in games, past conquests, and other fandoms (books, anime, cosplay, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Neil Gaiman…to name a few). Who knows, you might eventually dig them yourself.

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Let her play with your goods

Once you’ve managed to get her to play a game or two with you, it’s always a great idea to share. Girls like generous men, and sharing your copy of a game, or just letting her play with your expensive dice will earn you experience points for sure.

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Don’t be limp gamer: Amassaing a collection of either video games or board games is the natural next step for gamers. If you’ve got the best collection, you’ll always be at the top of her list.

Use protection

Once you’ve got your toys, it’s of paramount importance to protect them. Whether it’s ultra-expensive gaming mouses and keyboards, or decks of Magic: The Gathering cards, geeky gamer girls love it when they can see that you take care of your equipment. This somehow equates to them thinking you’ll be able to take care of her really well. Seeing abused and overused equipment can trigger a red flag in a gamer girl’s head.

Don’t be limp gamer: Take a cue from veteran gamers. Go to a local board game café and you’ll see gamers lovingly putting their dice in velvet pouches, or using plastic sleeves to protect each card in their legendary decks.

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Support her ass

Like in most games, teamwork determines who wins or loses. For gamer girls, if she can see that she can count on you when the going gets rough, she’s going to reward you handsomely with long hours of play.

Don’t be limp gamer: Show her your support—whether it be playing according to her planned strategy in a role playing game, trading her the lumber that she needs in Settlers of Catan or joining her clan in CoC.

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It’s okay to be on top

Gamer girls don’t like pussies. Don’t let her catch you letting her win or she’ll never let you play with her again. Be better, keep pushing, and surprise her with new tricks. Keep her on her toes, and she’ll always be up for a challenge. But don’t be surprised to find yourself at the bottom, too. Gamer girls also like to win. When that happens—and, oh, it will—don’t be a sore loser. Keep your chin up once she shamelessly beats you.

Don’t be limp gamer: It can be tricky walking the fine line between your ego and her happiness Go ahead and win a few rounds—if you can, that is. But when you see her forehead beading with sweat and her mouth thinning down to a frown, go back to your losing streak (but make sure you don’t let that on). You’ll both be happier, trust us.  

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This story originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of FHM Philippines.

Minor edits were made by the editors.                       

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