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Did You Know That There's A Local 'Vagina Massage' Service?

As it turns out, men aren't the only ones who can avail of a 'happy ending'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 15, 2016
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We're sure you've heard of happy ending massages. But have you ever heard of the vagina massage?

Called the "yoni" massage, the treatment costs around P2,000 and lasts about one to three hours. We talked to Sen Tan from Sensual Massage Manila, a coordinator and one of the male attendants. He says women avail of the yoni because it has multiple benefits for mind and body. In fact, remove all your negative thoughts about a service such as this. The yoni has been gaining traction in other countries too such as Australia, U.K., and the U.S. as reported by The Daily Mail.

Why? That's because according to Tan, "it can improve or overcome conditions like low libido, dryness of vagina, irritation during love-making, menstrual cramps, and irregular menstruation."

"It helps release stress, depression, negativity, and past traumas," he adds.

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Tan told FHM that clients can actually choose between a male and female therapist, but they highly recommend having a man perform the massage. He explains: "A male therapist can give a better experience than the female therapist. As what the gender polarity theory explains, male is on the positive side and the female is on the negative side. Like magnets, the positive and the negative attracts, which means the female body reacts better when touched by the opposite sex."

The service can be done in a hotel, motel, or condominium, and their technique involves setting the mood with candle light and slow tempo music (like Sam Smith, The Weeknd, and Kenny G songs).

Before the massage, the client is required to have a nice warm bath. The masseur can join her if the woman requests so. She is then asked to lie down on the bed naked, but if she feels uncomfortable, she can wear a bathrobe, underwear, or nighties.

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"We can also cover her back with towel and then massage her starting from the feet upwards. We'll undress the client once she's comfortable," Tan says.

The service starts with a therapeutic whole body massage. It's a combination of the usual Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai massages you get in other spas. "This will make the client comfortable and at ease, preparing her for the more sensual massage later on," Tan explains.

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The therapist will then proceed to the more sensual massage. They start off by giving "soft with pressured touches" on the breast, tummy, legs, and inner thighs.

Once the attendant hears the woman moan, sees her curl her toes, or observes any signs of sensual reflexes, he starts with the yoni massage.

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"We start off with light and sensual strokes on the labia (the vagina's inner and outer lips)," narrates Tan. "We focus on the clitoris as it's one of the most pleasurable parts on the female body. When the vagina gets excited and wet, a finger insertion could be done, performing slow repeated sensual movements."

While one hand is busy doing its job inside the vagina, the other massages the other female erroneous zones. It could be done on a variety of hand speed movements, from slow to medium and fast especially when in the orgasmic stage.

Tan, however, notes that: "The goal of yoni massage is mainly for the utmost relaxation and the bringing up of the client's femininity. Orgasm is just a bonus."


There are certain positions and styles when performing the yoni massage. Among these are:

1) The delivery position

This position is similar to a woman giving birth. The legs are wide open while the attendant is sitting in between her legs. This allows the male attendant to easily locate the clitoris and G-spot, according to Tan.

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2) The sideways position

The male attendant is positioned at the back of the woman. Tan says this position lessens the likelihood of the customer suffering from body fatigue due to staying in one position for a prolonged time. He adds: "This is a unique style in giving the yoni massage wherein the giver can sensually touch the back and neck of the receiver while the other hand is reaching and massaging the vagina area."

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3) The standing position

The woman shall stand during the massage while the giver kneels down, "giving him a different perspective in the execution. The receiver can achieve and feel a different caress in this position."

4) Butt-up position

The woman is facing the bed with her butt up. Tan says: "This position gives the giver a good positioning while performing the inner vaginal massage, and access to the butt area."

By now you are already wondering if the massage therapist can get intimate with the client. The answer: It can go as far as the woman wants it to go.

"Depending on the client set of request/rules, body romances, kissing, or oral stimulation may be done. Any agreement other than the sensual service is done between the client and the attendant doing it," Tan says.

Doesn't that sound eerily familiar?


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