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Stairway to heaven

<p>What our lady-pals have been up to lately</p>
| May 28, 2009
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I went with my boyfriend to a friend’s birthday party. We got so drunk that we decided to go home because it was late noon. On the way home, I needed to pee so we first went to his best friend’s house to use the restroom. His friend was not home, so we had no choice but to pee at the old house beside theirs. After we’d peed, the alcohol kicked in further and we felt hot. The house was abandoned and full of dirt so we decided to make out on the stairs. This was not a good idea. The stairway was filled with pebbles that it was hard to lean on it, but we still continued making love. We moved up the stairs, but in the middle of our orgasm, his best friend came.

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