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Kung Paano Magyaya Sa Motel (Na Hindi Ka Mukhang Manyak)

<em>Dyahe ayain ang </em>date <em>mo na mag</em>-motel. Good thing Master Suplado Stanley Chi is here to help us out with this frisky dilemma!
by Stanley Chi | Jun 29, 2013
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Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve gone on several dates with your ka-MOMOL. You’ve probably counted and mapped out all the moles on her body. But sadly, at the end of each day, you’re still locking yourself in the banyo with your favorite FHM issue. Because no matter how gigil you are, you still can’t bring her to your favorite motel.

Story of your life? You’re not alone. Even married men think twice before bringing their wives to Aling Vicky. Nobody wants to get caught with their pants down–and nobody wants to be called manyak.

Although spending “quality time” with your partner is so much cheaper when done at home, going away on vacation–even if it’s just one night in an affordable motel–can help keep the fire burning. Going to a motel can also be the solution to unfortunate living situations, like when your biyenan’s presence is keeping “sexy time” with your wife to an all-time low.

Let’s accept the fact that motels come with a stigma that breed shame, secrecy, and even hypocrisy. But if you want to spend your second honeymoon at a motel and you don’t want to be branded a manyak, there are ways for you to pull it off.

Before I teach you a few “motel moves," let me share with you some tips on how to prepare for the opportune moment. Here are a few things for you to do to always be motel-ready:

1) Always bring enough cash. You don’t want to leave your motel room in the middle of the night just to withdraw cash from an ATM machine. And don’t even think of bringing your credit card; this leaves way too many crumbs that can lead to invasion of privacy. Make sure your money is enough to pay for your room, food, and even in-house transportation in case you’re not bringing a car.

2) Bring “protection." Condoms are a man’s best friend inside the motel–unless, of course, you’re actually planning on getting her pregnant.

3) Drink your multivitamins. You will need the extra boost so that you stay potent and virile during your stay at the motel. Aim to please and never disappoint!

4) Bring your kapal ng mukha. There is no place for hiya when you’re checking into a motel. You might as well man up!

5) Eat your vegetables. You don’t want to go to war without ammunition. Make sure you are at the peak of health before you “penetrate enemy lines.”

Now you’re ready for some motel action...but what if she isn’t? Go to the next page to know how you can prepare her for a night she won’t forget.

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