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One Night Stan: 6 Reasons Why (Medyo) Okay Lang Maging Single
Akala niyo ba masaya magka-girlfriend? Not all the time, says our man Stanley Chi. There are blessings to be had even when you're feeling <em>#ForeverAlone</em>.
by Stanley Chi | Jan 24, 2015
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Kelan ka magkaka-girlfriend?”

Yes, that’s what most of my family, friends, and relatives asked me a couple of years back. Now, it’s Kelan ka mag-a-asawa?”

I confess that these nagging pakialamero people who are close to me can be quite tactless. I know you have the exact same pakialamero people in your life, too.

But ignore their BS and let me tell you this: One look at your Facebook news feed and you’ll realize on your own what I’m about to say: Relationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Do you have a male friend on Facebook who keeps posting puzzling updates, like, “Girls are good for nothing; they’ll get what they deserve”? Yeah, so much for being in a relationship!

Do you have a female friend on Facebook who keeps posting photos of her “gorgeous boyfriend” and how they’re “so in love with each other”? Pustahan tayo, they fight more than they let on and their good-on-paper relationship is merely airbrushed for your sake.

Yes, my man, it’s perfectly fine to be single.

So what if you sometimes wallow in self-pity when you see romantic stories on TV and feel like being part of a couple is a big deal? It’s the TV networks’ fault for always portraying unrealistic and idealistic tales of love. (Curse you, cheesy and predictable telenovelas with a happy ending!)

But you know what? You really should be thankful that you’re not in a relationship. Let me tell you why.

The 6 Blessings To Be Thankful For When You're Single

Instead of being a grouch and galit sa mundo all the time, why don’t you let me help you see the better things in life? You know, like being positive. (Yeah, I may be Mr. Suplado, but there’s a lot of good inside this sexy body of mine.)

1)   There’s no need to spend on gifts all the time

I’m 100 percent kuripot. As much as I love giving gifts to people important to me, I do not appreciate looking at my sad, empty wallet at the end of the day.

It also makes me feel extra stressed that I need to think of a gift that would make my girl, her friends, and her family kilig during our monthsary and anniversary. (And then there’s Valentine’s, birthdays, and soon enough, Christmas…)

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Soon enough, your savings when you were #ForeverAlone start to dry up as you recalibrate your calendar to Important Relationship Dates And Moments.

At pag nakalimutan mong magregalo on a special day, parang ito ang tumatambad sa'yo:

2)   You can be a total slob without anyone judging you

If you wanna watch TV all day and eat pizza in your three-day-old underwear, it’s okay. You will stink like a dead body, but it’s okay.

When you’re single, you don’t have to dress up like you’re some fancy guy just to have coffee with your girlfriend’s matapobre best friends. You also don’t need to be buddies with your girlfriend’s abanger guy friend whom you know for sure wants to have her as soon as you’re out of the picture.

See? Ben Stiller's so incredibly happy being single. You can be like him too.

You can flirt all you want

You’re not the only one who’s single. Marami kayo.

In fact, if you browse your Facebook friends list (let’s face it: everybody does it), you’ll see all your emo friends who keep making parinig that they’re single. All you have to do is send a flirty PM, like, “Hey there. Gumaganda ka, ah!”

In Fact #2: Have you notice that when you're in a relationship, the urge to flirt sometimes becomes even stronger. It must be in our nature then!

I mean, even bands sing about how fun it is to be single:

Video via TUGTUGIN dotCom

4)   You won’t look like a complete asshole when you forget important dates

If you have a girlfriend, you have to remember her birthday, her dog’s birthday, her BFF’s birthday, her parents’ birthday, and your anniversary—not to mention when her first dog died, when she first had her first scar, when she first got laid, and many other ridiculous dates which, if you forget, would make you look like a complete jerk.

This cat's reaction perfectly recreates our faces whenever we realize that OH NO, ISN'T TODAY HER SOMETHING-SOMETHING ANNIVERSARY?

You got a 75 in history class. Ang hirap mag-memorize ng dates, eh. And now, this waterloo of yours is going to make yo look like the most thoughtless boyfriend on earth…that is, if you have a girlfriend.

You have more time for family and friends

If you spend more than five seconds trying to think of an answer when your girlfriend asks you if you want to accompany her while she shops for a new dress (again?!?), she might think you don’t like spending time with her. So you end up tagging along, carrying her shopping bags, and looking as bored as you feel, which makes you look like a selfish boyfriend.

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Sala sa init, sala sa lamig. Whether or not you tag along, you’re doomed. But that’s not something you have to endure if you’re single.

We guess we can make an exception though for Alicia Silverstone

6)   You have more time for getting wasted!

Arguably the best reason of all!   

Realize that being single can be awesome! Just try not to be too defensive about your being single to the point of denial. Don’t say, “I choose to be single,” even if wala namang nagkakagusto sa'yo in the first place.

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