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Tattoos Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid

But don't set an appointment with a tattoo artist just yet. Listen to what these real women have to say about it...
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 26, 2017
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According to a study published in the journal of Personality and Individual References, men with tattoos are more appealing to the eyes of women.

Researchers came up with the conclusion after asking 2,584 individuals—2,369 of whom were female participants—to evaluate the photos of tattooed and non-tattooed men.

Most women agreed that men with tattoos looked more masculine, aggressive, dominant, and even healthy. Not only that, but researchers also found that "men's tattoos may intimidate same-sex rivals as a signal of physical preponderance."

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However, women in the study think that inked men don't make a good father as well as a lifetime partner.

"Our results confirm that adding tattoos changes others' perception of men," the researchers concluded. 

With these findings in mind, we decided to go straight to the source (women) and ask them how they really feel about men with body art. Some think it looks hot, some said it actually depends on the physical features of the guy, and others just aren't a fan.

See their detailed responses below:

Gals think men with ink is a plus

"For me a man who is willing to mark an important part of his life with a unique tattoo is sexy. A child's name, a death of a loved one, a mark for his beliefs are all meaningful. A man who gets his whole sleeve inked just because he thinks it will look cool is not sexy." —Nica, 27

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"My boyfriend has tattoos on both of his arms and one of his legs and plans to get more. I think they are so sexy and I love when he gets naked and I can really see all his tattoos. It makes me want to jump his bones even more." —Andy, 25

"I think a man with tattoos is charming because it's painful and shows you their bad side." —Abby, 28

"If a man can endure the pain and hours it takes for a good piece, then he's definitely a strong and confident man. I also like guys with hidden ink. It adds a bit of mystery!" —Shine, 30


Tats are great, but...

"I am okay with tattoos as long as they suit the guy and don't look trashy and cheap." —Marjorie, 26

"I have tattoos so I'm not in the market to be saying I don't like them. However, neck tattoos really make me feel uncomfortable. It seems like wearing a really tight collar." —Beth, 27

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"I think tattoos are beautiful if the man is already good-looking!" —Jessa, 22

"It's all about personal preference. I think some tats on men are sexy. It just depends on where they are and the quality of the work done." —Coleen, 31

"I'm a sucker for tattoos and think they look sexy in most places. A big no-no to face tattoos, though." —Abigail, 28

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"I know several guys with tattoos and I only find some of them attractive. For me, the guy has to already be attractive and the tattoos will just add to that." —Desiree, 24

Some think it's making you less pogi

"I've never seen a tattoo that made anyone more handsome, but I've seen plenty that I think detracted from an otherwise attractive person. I'm okay with small, well-done artwork that's hidden under regular tees, but in general I don't think tattoos enhance anything about the way a person looks." —Joanne, 32

"I prefer men with no tattoos. They look cleaner and fresher." —Karla, 28

"I think tattoos are more suitable on women. I don’t like a guy who puts a lot of effort into his appearance." —Rica, 26

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