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Study Finds The One Thing That Can Predict Your Success In Love

Here's a clue: Till debt do you part.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 7, 2015
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"Money can't buy me love," the Beatles said, speaking on behalf of goo-goo eyed mankind. But new findings suggest it's the other way around.

A study called "Credit Scores and Committed Relationships," done by the US Federal Reserve Board, shows that credit score is a crucial factor in predicting the stability and longevity of a relationship.

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Using data from Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Consumer Credit Panel, the researchers also found out that one's money figures are indicative of a person's general trustworthiness.

Alternatively, couples with a huge income gap are likely to call it quits later on. Different amounts of money, the study explains, could mean different credit usage between a couple, causing financial pressure. And we all know that’s never a good thing for relationship.

In an interview with Bloomberg, one of the researchers said: "With the growing importance of household credit, credit scores have become a prominent characteristic of individuals that extends to areas outside the household finance sector. Individuals in committed relationships have credit scores that are highly correlated with their partners’ scores."

So the next time you court a girl, make sure not only your personalities jive, make sure you scan each other's paychecks too.

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