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Study: PC Gamers Are Better Than Console Gamers In Bed

Sorry, console peasants!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 9, 2015
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PC gamers like calling themselves the "master race" and label their PlayStation-playing counterparts as "console peasants." We can't blame them because even science says that they're bed.

A study conducted by discount website My Voucher Codes reveals that those who do most of their gaming on computer are better at sex than PlayStation and Xbox players. 2,747 partners in the U.K. were polled according to an article that Kotaku UK published about the said study. The couples were asked what system their partners play games on. After which, they rated their significant other's performance in the bedroom.

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Across all systems, 11 percent of those asked said their videogaming lovers were "excellent," followed by 27 percent for "good," and 20 percent for "below average."

The results were then broken down and analyzed according to system. The big discovery: PC users were the topnotchers in all this foreplay and sex. A whopping 54 percent of gamers whose main equipment was the PC were described as "good" while 22 percent were regarded as "excellent."

Close behind were Xbox gamers with 47 percent labeled as "very good" or better. At the bottom of the barrel? PlayStation players. Only eight percent were labeled " very good" and an even lower three percent were labeled "excellent."

What do you think, console gamers? Think the PC gamers are really that much better in bed? 

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