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Top 5 Spots Where Women Love To Be Touched During Sex

Touch her in these areas = guaranteed rompin' good time!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 9, 2015
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Women love getting touched during sex. Along with the dirty talk, and your Superman-like endurance, she likes it when you touch her body. But which areas, specifically?

A study conducted by the U.S.-based Skyn Condoms and digital marketing and advertising firm AMP agency might be able to help us out. Surveying 5,117 U.S. women ages 18 to 34, the study, published last December 7, revealed the top five spots where women really like to be touched.

They are as follows, ranked from lowest to highest:

5) The Stomach

Four-percent of the girls claim that they like their tummies touched during sex.

What to do: Stroke her tummy with your fingertips to give her that tingly, goosebump-inducing feeling. Then kiss her stomach and head south while working her jeans off her hips.

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4) The Back

Six-percent of the respondents love back massages.

What to do: Gently rub her back, focusing most of your attention on the lower area just above the tailbone. That part is rich with nerve endings. Stimulating this part will help her relax, and make sure that you guys are ready for another round!

3) The Ass

Fifteen percent of the respondents agree that the sexiest thing a man could do is grab her bum.

What to do: Grab her behind, and give it a good grip, pull her into you and take full control while thrusting. Guaranteed to take the boredom out of the traditional missionary position.

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2) The Neck

It's probably a forgotten area when it comes to foreplay, but amazingly, women love being caressed on that part. Around 28 percent said they would like their partner to pay more attention to it.

What to do: Brush her hair aside, revealing her neck. Kiss her gently there and then take a nibble. But don't overdo it because you don't want her to get teased the following day at work about the hickeys you've planted on her!

1) The Nipples

A whopping 34 percent of respondents said that they get the most sexual satisfaction from having their nipples played around with!

What to do: We're sure you've got this covered, bro.

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