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Study Says Women Tend to Cheat At A Certain Age

Take note of this number, gents
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 9, 2017
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According to extramarital affair dating website Victoria Milan, there’s a chance your wife might cheat on you when she reaches a certain age.

The study analyzed the data of women from various countries, and two significant ages came up: on the average, women settle down upon reaching 29 years old, then commit infidelity at 36.

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“For whatever reason, marriage magic seems to start to fade seven to eight years after marriage. This probably isn’t news to anyone who’s heard of age-old adages about the seven-year itch, but it is interesting new date still backs it up,” part the study reads.

Victoria Milan founder Sigurd Vedal, “Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve. Perhaps they still love their partners, but the spark has vanished from their marriage. Alternatively, they may have an open relationship, and both have affairs to satisfy their physical needs whilst still sharing a tight emotional bond.”


Meanwhile, UK's leading married-dating website, Illicit Encounters, also conducted its own survey on cheating, and found out that men and women are most likely to be unfaithful to their partners once they hit the “end of a decade.” As the research suggests, ages that end in the number nine are (e.g. 29, 39, 49) usually mark a turning point in our lives.

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And why do people choose to have affairs in the first place?

“Our research shows that some people cheat to get their partner’s attention,” Illicit Encounters states. “If their partner’s a workaholic or unavailable to them, being caught with someone else is a way of saying: ‘Hey, if you love me, pay attention to me!’ ‘Payback cheating’ is also common. If you’ve cheated in the past or done something else to hurt your partner, they might retaliate to get even.”


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