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Summer Romance 101: Finding Your Target

Have a <em>suplado</em> summer with help from Stanley Chi!
by Stanley Chi | Apr 6, 2013
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Summer is about to hit boiling point–and to us antsy boys, that means more Instagram-worthy bikini pics of our hot female friends, more time to play World of Warcaft, and more chances to get ourselves a summer fling.

If you don’t have six-pack abs or artistahing good looks, a summer fling probably sounds like another urban legend. But unlike the many porn flicks you’ve been hoarding on your external drive, getting “flung” doesn’t have to be just another fantasy. It's a welcome change as opposed to spending your hot summer days sweating it out inside the bathroom as you get friendly with yourself, if you know what I mean. 

So, here, let me help you out. Put down the lube tube and read about a few prospective candidates for that elusive girl that might just make this season hotter for you:

1) Your hot officemate. You see her every day. You flirt with her whenever you need her stapler. You have lunch together a couple of times a week. The truth is, you’re a few rungs up the summer fling ladder with your officemate because you’ve already bonded with her several times–and she doesn’t think you’re a sex predator. That's a big deal. This summer, test the waters by going overtime in the office with her and then asking her out to drinks when she’s stressed and more likely to take the dive. "Init no? Tara shot!" 

2) The girl next door. Miss Kapitbahay. You see her around a lot, whether it’s at the bus station, the building lobby, or the sari-sari store. The next time she flashes you that neighborly smile, just say, “How about we chat over coffee?” Since you live right next to her, she’ll probably be too polite to decline. Always take advantage of such a situation.

3) Your former cheatmate–este, seatmatein class. You’ve probably sat beside a lot of pretty chicks back in college or high school. If you were too much of a wuss back then or lacking in date funds or too caught up with trivial matters like education, it’s never too late to find your classroom crush now. Find her in FB, set something up, and tell her you're big time now, having just been promoted to deputy senior executive assistant. Sweet! 

4) Your Facebook buddy. C’mon, you’ve probably sent friend invites to a couple (or a hundred) of sweet-looking faces on Facebook, hoping you’d be more than friends one day. Remember: “FB buddy” is just a few letters shy of “f*ck buddy.” Di na uso pakipot!

5) Your sibling’s friend who looks, um, easy. Stop pretending you don’t have the hots for your sister’s mestiza, mini-skirt-wearing, low-neckline-loving BFF. Besides, you’ve got the home-court advantage. Just make sure, and listen hard now, that she’s NOT a minor or your next summer fling will be with some macho dude sharing your jail cell.

Now that you know whom to victimize, go to the next page for few moves for you to try on your future summer fling. Get clickin'!

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