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Summer Romance 102: Sealing The Deal And The Not-So-Great Expectations

Master <em>suplado</em> shows you the ins and outs of a <em>panalo</em> summer fling!
by Stanley Chi | Apr 20, 2013
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You have the bachelor pad, the hot wheels, and the pogi summer haircut. You’ve mastered the art of being suplado and you know better now. You’re finally capable of controlling your instinctive desire to be the makulit, pushover manliligaw. And yes, your crush is finally paying attention to you.

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You can feel it. She’s ripe for the picking.

You’ve learned about your ideal summer romance candidates last time, but that’s clearly not enough. For an FHM reader like you who expects nothing less than a 99-percent success rate, it's time to move in for the kill.

I admit that it might be hard to get a girl to look at you twice if you’re not born guwapo. But let’s level the playing field here; let me share with you the kind of pogi diskarte you might need to finally turn that promising flirtation into a telenovela-worthy summer fling, the kind you won’t forget even after you get married.

1) Never make plans with her ahead of time–idaan mo sa gulatan. Asking your potential summer fling out a day or two in advance gives her enough time to change her mind.

                                                                      "Hi, chicks, care for some coffee?"

2) Don’t let her on that it’s a “date.” Just ask her out like it’s not at the top of your bucket list, even if it is. To make things look casual, try watching your favorite local band at an underground bar instead of bringing her to a poser restaurant. A dark, noisy room + buckets of beer = opportunity to get close to a tipsy girl with less inhibitions. In other words, “Hello, summer fling!”

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3) Find out what cards you hold before setting your expectations. The more time you spend with your potential fling, the more you know if you’ll actually get “flung.” Don’t charge in like a blind bull; not every uninhibited chick you dig will actually dig you back.

4) Discretion is key. Don’t kiss and tell. In other words, don’t say anything she might deny later or you’ll end up looking like a desperate, lying creep. Besides, not every personal milestone is worthy of a press release, despite what many celebrities would want you to believe.

5) Ditch the chick who’s already taken. And that’s even if the girl tells you their relationship is on the rocks. If they’re really breaking up, then wait until they do. Otherwise, be warned: FHM will not be responsible for any black eye or broken ribs incurred due to acts of stubbornness or stupidity.

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I won’t be surprised if with the above advice, you end up scoring a hot chick this summer.

Of course, it helps to set realistic expectations, starting with the fact that she’s your fling, not your future wife. Learn more on the next page, fellas.

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