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SURVEY SAYS: Money Can Lead To A Better Sex Life

And it's absolutely because of what you think!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 2, 2015
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Think about things that would totally turn you on in the bedroom.

Dirty talk, lingerie and sex toys, you say?

What about money?


Too bad, because it turns out talking about money can actually help heat things up.

Once again, hip-hop artists figure something out
that smart people take years to understand

According to a survey conducted by Money involving 500 millennials (individuals born from the early '80s to early '00s) and 500 baby-boomers (those born from the mid '40s to mid '60s), couples who trust their other half about financial responsibilities tend to rate their sex lives higher.

While the younger folks rated their sex lives higher overall, the general trend was that financial trust between partners is directly proportional to bedroom bliss. The more secure a couple is with the way they handle finances, the better the sex.

The two generations, though, had different takes when asked what specific types of "financial harmony" had a positive effect on sexual satisfaction. Millennials said it’s being able to agree on which stuff to splurge on while older folks believe it’s talking about investments.

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And as expected, couples who frequently fight about bills don’t have satisfying sex lives. But as Money noted, the survey only shows a "correlation not causation so it could just as well be that better sex leads to more financial harmony."

Either way, it’s clear that trust is the chief element in determining the quality of sex life. Mo' money, mo' lovin'? That's for you to judge, FHM Nation!

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