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Let Real Women Show You How To Master The Art Of Text Messaging

It’s “How are you?” not “hw r u?”
by Jen Chan | Oct 28, 2016
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Getting a girl’s number is easier said than done, and while we won’t begrudge you your victory, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge is in making first contact. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you press “Send.”

1) Don’t use text shortcuts, or worse, sticky caps

The way you communicate can say a lot about who you are—whether you have a limited vocabulary, little to no spelling skills, or atrocious grammar. It can also reveal just how determined you are to make a good first impression (or not).

“Nowadays, texting is so cheap and there's virtually no character limit when sending messages,” says MM, 27. “[Guys] have no excuse to attempt to shorten words.”

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2) Find your niche

Just because she replies to your texts doesn’t mean you have it in the bag. For all you know, there are three other guys sending her the same sweet grammatically correct messages every night, or, you know, she’s just polite.

Our tip: Maximize your air time by playing to your strengths. Anjo, 26, knew that he had a knack for playing around with puns so he took every opportunity to show his crush just how witty he was. “I think I made her laugh a lot kaya niya ako sinagot.”


3) Always be a gentleman

Make her feel special by asking her how she’s doing. A simple “How are you?” or “Feeling better?” sends the message that you’ve been thinking of her, without really saying it. “I get kilig when a guy texts me to ask how I'm doing,” says Gina, 27. “It shows that he cares.”

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Adi, 26, admits that it’s always a plus when guys show their concern for her. “Pogi points if they check on me, if I’m home, mga gentlemanly stuff.”

4) But be mindful of her space

As much as women appreciate the whole chivalry act, there’s such a thing as being too caring. It’s called being suffocating. If you already asked her how she was an hour ago, don’t ask again. Recognize that her one-word replies imply that she doesn’t have time to talk at the moment.

For Lucy, 28, that’s a huge thing. “Yung pag sinabi mong busy ka tapos they understand. Hindi sila mangungulit.”

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5) Most importantly, don’t be too obvious

These days, there’s no such thing as a friendly text anymore. Everything you send—even those that are purely innocent—are being given color. For a guy with an actual motive, it’s a huge challenge. Umpisa palang, talo ka na.

The solution: stealth mode. Don’t do anything that might raise suspicion. Wait until she’s as smitten as you are before you actually pull any of your damoves.

P.S. While all these tips are meant to help you up your texting game, they don’t guarantee perfect results. Sometimes, no matter what you do, if you’re not her type, you’re not her type.

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