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The 10 Boyfriend Commandments: How To Be Her Ideal Man

Follow these to become her Chosen One
January 17, 2017

Being in a committed relationship is harder than you think. Even if your love for each other is stronger than superglue, there will still be days when you just can’t seem to get anything right, making you question what you saw in each other in the first place. You want to be a better man, but don’t know how to go about it. The simple answer to your dilemma? Treat your special lady right. All. The. Time.

Since we know you might need advice that’s a little more concrete than that, we decided to break it down for you. Here are the 10 Boyfriend Commandments every man should follow:

Stay faithful
Do not cheat on your girl. We honestly shouldn't have to remind you of this in the first place, but you'll be surprised by the number of philanderers out there. Respect your relationship, and don’t flirt with other people. And while some women are totally fine with you (objectively!) expressing how attractive others are, never ever make your girlfriend feel like you’d rather be with them than with her.

Appreciate her interests
Don’t dismiss the things she likes just because they don’t align with yours. These things matter to her and she wants to share them with you, so never call her hobbies and interests stupid or mababaw just because you want to keep your macho, too-cool-for-this-drama image. Instead, make a genuine effort to engage with her about the stuff she loves—simply asking questions will go a long way in showing your interest.

Be compassionate
Laugh along with her when she’s happy, cuddle her close when she needs comforting, have her back when she feels wronged, take the lead when she asks for guidance, and give her space when she wants to be alone.

Make time for her, always
Even when you can barely catch your breath because of your overflowing work schedule, never be too busy to communicate with your girlfriend in some way. Even if all you can manage is to text her a good morning, she’ll still get kilig knowing you’re thinking of her. And when you do manage to get a break, try to spend it with her.

Never fight dirty
Being in a relationship often means knowing someone on a level deeper than anyone else. You’ve probably shared a lot of intimate things with your girl, and she with you. Don't throw her insecurities and vulnerabilities in her face just to win an argument.

Involve her in your decisions
You can’t think of just yourself anymore. Your girlfriend is a major part of your life, and she deserves to be part of your biggest decisions too. Wondering if you want to take the job that’ll require you to move away? Thinking of getting a new car? Asking yourself whether you’re ready to buy a house? Remember that these things won’t just change your life, they’ll affect hers too.

Remember to communicate
Be honest when you’re frustrated or angry at her. Don’t bottle up your feelings, and let her know when you’re having problems. Keeping the communication lines open is the best way to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. 

Don’t take her for granted
Just because she’s already agreed to be in a committed relationship with you doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stop making an effort to treat her special. Never let her forget that you’re thankful she’s in your life, and surprise and pamper her every once in awhile.

Make her feel beautiful
Don’t be kuripot with your compliments just because you don’t want to come off as cheesy or sentimental. If she looks good, tell her. If she’s feeling unattractive, reassure her that’s not the case. But don’t shower her with insincere flattery para lang matapos ang usapan: that’ll just make her more insecure, ironically.

Learn to compromise
Sometimes, the two of you will butt heads and disagree. So sino mag-aadjust? Both of you should, because that’s what relationships are about. Whether it’s something trivial like picking what to watch on TV, something more serious like moving in together, or something life-changing like whether it’s time tie the knot, always keep an open mind, listen to her side, and be ready to compromise.

Love your woman the way she deserves by sticking to these simple rules. Becoming her ideal man might take you out of your comfort zone and requires real, committed effort, but trust us when we say it’s worth it.

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