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The 10 Kinds Of Women You Meet On Tinder

When will you find your own unicorn?
by KC Calpo | Dec 1, 2016
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So you’ve been on Tinder for a while, seen more photos and profiles than you ever thought possible, done your fair share of swiping right and left, and actually met your matches in real life. Good job, chief!

The best things about Tinder are that you get to ogle see different types of women, and the playing field is rendered equal—the ladies can do the same to you, if they wish. And with all that time you’ve spent on the app, we’re sure you’ve come across these 10 female archetypes. Think of this list as our counterpart to this 2015 article by our sister publication Preview, and know that we may have missed out on a few more types of Tinder girls.

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1) The Curious

This lady often says she’s on Tinder just to see how it works, or that her barkada just talked her into using the app. She screenshots the profiles of the guys she likes, then sends ‘em to her friends for a heated round of yays or nays before swiping in either direction. She seldom replies to messages, and rarely sees her matches IRL. She likes to see what’s going on in the minefield known as dating, but doesn’t necessarily want to get (or get back) into it. 

2) The Playette

We have so much respect for this woman, you have no idea.

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She knows the game really well; come to think of it, she may have rewritten a few of its rules, just because. She plays hard, and she certainly slays hard. Her mantra: if you can do it, so can I. She’s direct to the point, she’s DTF, she’ll get exactly what she wants, and you bet your sweet ass she won’t call you tomorrow, or ever again, for that matter. After meeting the Playette, you’ll want more, but... yep, she’s gone.

3) The Hopeless Romantic (or Emotera)

Everyone says Tinder’s only for good times and hookups, but people have found real love with the app, too. There’s a good love story for every horror story! This is what the Hopeless Romantic says to herself whenever she’s checking out the goods: as terrible as digital dating is most of the time, there’s a strong possibility that she will find lifelong romance, and hopefully in the next profile she sees. This girl is driven by her feelings, and oh god, there are just So. Many. Feels. Prepare yourself for all the quotes and not-so-subtle hints.

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4) The "Way Out Of Your League"

The "Way Out Of Your League" will always be too... "too." Too beautiful, too smart, too sexy/hot, too tall, too opinionated, too accomplished, too witty, too aggressive or forward, too everything.

This will hurt, but we have to say it anyway: odds are you’re also TOO inadequate for her.

5) The “Way Below your Standards”

No, don’t do it. Swipe left. Now.


6) The Friend

You’ve never considered dating her, but... wow, she looks kinda hot here. And oh, you have the same interests, are in the same social circles, look for the same things in a relationship (or OK, hookup), and all that jazz. Welcome to this exciting but dangerous territory of friendship!

Our advice: tell her in person that you like her, instead of swiping right and then getting rejected—or worse, both of you swipe right and would then be forced to have that really awkward conversation. Also, don’t just swipe right for moral support. Dude, that’s not how dating apps work. 

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7) The Faker

This girl is the best reason for top-notch online sleuthing. Sleuthing, gents, not stalking. Big difference.

That’s not her real photo. She made everything on her profile up, or her profile doesn’t have the usual information. You don’t have a lot (or any) friends in common. She sounds too good to be true. And that’s because she probably is! Catfishing. Look it up. 

8) The Silent Type

...and we’re not referring to shy and quiet girls. We’re talking about the Tinder girl who never interacts with other Tinder users. She doesn’t reply to messages, swipe right on anyone, or even Super Likes any guy. She’s like an extreme version of The Curious: she likes to observe rather than be observed. Move on, lads, she’ll never talk to you.

9) The Older Woman

AKA The Cougar.

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She’s older, and definitely wiser. She makes her own money (or maybe has her own business), pays her bills in full and on time, and is obviously responsible and self-sufficient. She’s mostly got her shit together, and expects you to do the same. She’s on Tinder to scope younger dudes, maybe because those in her own age group have married off or are bonafide pervs. Expect a response within a few days; she has a life to live, you know.

10) The Basic

She follows fashion trends, down to accessories. She insists on going to the newest and coolest restaurants and coffee shops, has to have everything organic/sustainable/farm-fresh/(insert latest food-industry buzzword here), and is an expert on flatlays. She takes countless selfies every day, says “like” a lot, knows all the words to the newest chart-toppers, and thinks mainstream is the way to go. This category—and this description—also applies to men.

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BONUS: The Match

She’s like a unicorn... only she actually exists. Keep at it, boys. You’ll find her eventually.


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