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The Anatomy Of A Paasa Woman

'Na-Casper ka na ba, bro?'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 1, 2016
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So you pursued this woman for months. The two of you went out a couple of times, spent a weekend together; you picked her up after work, texted, and called her regularly. You acted like the two of you are in a relationship, though not yet official.

One day however, messages were just "seen," calls were ignored, and invitations to hang out were declined. Suddenly, she's MIA—gone without even saying goodbye. You ask yourself the proverbial "Anyare?!" "What did I do?!" Well, bad news bro, na-Casper ka. In millennial parlance, you've been ghosted.

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There, there. We know the feeling. Just when you thought all that effort was appreciated, love was end up being wrong. Unfortunately, it happens quite often.

To avoid experiencing pretty much the same heartbreak, FHM tries to dissect the anatomy of this emerging breed we dub as the Paasa Woman. When in between the cheesiness you notice a handful of these signs, you know what to do—run for dear heart.

Her replies come hours after you text her

Sorry—she's busy not one bit. If she usually gets back to your "Breakfast ka na?" text with a "Hi sorry busy day today. Goodnight! Tomorrow na lang" before midnight, it's obvious she doesn't want to talk. To you. A reply that late is her way of taking advantage of the gentleman in you, who doesn't want her to be deprived of that beauty rest.

You invite her to dinner, she suggests lunch

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Why? Dinner time is relatively longer—you could catch a movie with her after, grab a coffee together, then take her home—than a one-hour lunch break. On the bright side, at least she was polite enough to accept your lunch-out offer.

Your Facebook PM is not 'seen,' yet she posts a status update just now, then comments on a viral video a couple of minutes after

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She's not online or perhaps busy at work—that is why she hasn't read your message yet. Busy but Instagram-ing? Keep convincing yourself.

She sees you only at her convenience

That spontaneous movie date last Saturday night? Exciting, you may think. But if her invitation was a result of her friends ditching her after a planned hangout, you know what you really are: last resort.

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Her girl friends tease her to another man

The closest women around your lady love surely know who her apple of the eye is at the moment. So if it's not your name they are throwing around, like saying out loud within earshot "O paano na si [insert name here]," most likely you're doomed.


She deliberately texts someone other than you, in your face

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When she puts her phone down for you to see that she is chatting with someone, or worse, she answers a call using baby talk, that's bad news.

She posts pictures of her with other men

Translation: showing the world that she's not exclusively dating someone. Even if you talk 24/7 and exchange sweet nothings, which are called "nothings" for a reason, sorry—maybe she's just flir...friendly.

Mixed signals are her forte

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One moment she's sexting you, the next completely ignoring you. Basically, she is not that interested in you. After years of casual dating, she has probably mastered showing just the right amount of interest to keep you around.

She has no qualms using the expression 'MOMOL' around you

Keyword: L for LANG. It's all fun and games until you develop feelings more than physical for her. She wouldn't dare label whatever the two of you are having as such if she is dead serious on getting in a relationship with you.

She tells you, 'I'm not ready for a commitment yet'

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If she's stringing you along her so-called soul-searching, which is obviously just a "collect then select" mission, get out. You're essentially just an option, while her Mr. Right is still out there somewhere.


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