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How Your Girlfriend Should Respond When Someone Tells Her 'Uy, Parang Tumataba Ka'

'Salamat. Ikaw rin.'
| Aug 3, 2015
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It happens to all of us. But when it happens to the girlfriend, expect that she's going to take it out on us, sooner or later.

So the next time someone tells her, "Uy, parang tumataba ka," make sure she can take it out ON THE PERSON THAT OFFERED HER THE "COMPLIMENT" in the first place. How? With these comebacks listed by

"Talaga? Pinaghirapan ko yan."

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"It makes me harder to kidnap."



"Salamat. Ikaw rin."

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"I just have big bones."


"Nagbabawas lang ako ng appeal."

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"Baby fat lang ‘yan."

"Dukha lang ang pumapayat."

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"Okay lang, maganda naman ako."

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