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The Best Of The #UnderBoobPenChallenge!

This new craze is definitely making a lot of guys happy!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 2, 2016
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After the #BellyButtonChallenge and the Kylie Jenner-inspired 'thigh gap' trend, a new bizzare, attention-grabbing craze is now spreading like wildfire in the realms of social media.

Behold, the #UnderBoobPenChallenge

According to our online sleuthing (you know we had to), the new sexy trend originally began in the Chinese social network Weibo late last month. It dares the ladies to put a pen underneath their breast, take a picture of the feat, and then share the resulting snap on social media. Apparently, the aim is to prove that they're "real women." Can we say we're totally convinced by the results?

Obviously, this one favors women with larger assets, a fact that certainly makes male observers very happy.

Since the challenge involves a lot of underboob action, it didn't take long before it reached viral status. It also spawned a number of other hashtags such as the #PenChallenge, #BoobsChallenge, and the #UnderBoobChallenge.

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And being the curious cats that we are, we scoured the internet in search of the best #UnderBoobPenChallenge posts.

Below are the products of our very meticulous research!


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Some ladies were not satisfied with just pens and looked for bigger options.

This gal used water bottles, to great effect...

...while this girl put a romantic twist on the challenge, perfect for the time of the year we're in!

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Definitely one of the boobs, err, books that can help you polish your writing skills.

Wait, is that a vodka bottle?

When the remote suddenly goes missing...

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Alriiiight, things are getting dangerous now!

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Good luck unseeing that last one!

Images via Twitter and Instagram
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