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The Most Mind-Blowing Relationship Tips We've Dished Out Through The Years

The secrets to ruling the dating world courtesy of Asia, Jinri, and Jahziel
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 13, 2017
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Whether you admit it or not, you still need pointers on how to navigate your way through the ever-perplexing world of relationships and the opposite sex. That's because women—and also you—could get complicated at times. Your priorities change. You don't know where to meet women. You meet women but don't know how to relate. The list goes on. This is why we here at FHM HQ have devoted our 17 years of existence educating you on the finer points of dating and sex. Over the years we've enlisted a bevy of articulated and forward-thinking FHM favorites—Asia Agcaoli, Paloma Esmeria, Jinri Park, Jahziel Manabat, Abby Poblador, and Divine Maitland-Smith. Today, we blow the dust off our old FHM collection to look on some of their most awesome—and still very relevant—relationship advice.

Let’s start off with...

Jinri Park

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On dealing with an angry girlfriend
She says: “You are in a fight with your girlfriend and all of a sudden she stops talking to you and replying to your tweets. You decided to just leave her alone and stop talking to her, too. I say, big mistake. Even though she isn’t talking to you, you should move heaven and earth to get her to talk to you. The more you leave her alone, the more her anger will build up inside. Make an effort.”

On giving her mind-blowing foreplay
She says: “No matter how intense the foreplay is, you’ve got to keep in mind: You are a human being, not a robot. It’s okay to gradually stop in the middle of foreplay to tell her how much you love her. Being in touch with a woman’s emotions is very important.”

Asia Agcaoili

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On nailing a perfect surprise for a girl you don’t much
She says: “Surely it takes time to know your girl. One way to get inside her wants-and-needs portal is to peek at her (social media) account’s ‘interests’ section. Or Google her name. Or if you want to avoid the stalker-ish route, ask her friends the gifts she’d like to receive, the places she wants to dine in…if she’s the type who’d go for underwear or teddy bears.

On making her get off
She says: “I suggest you play with your fingers first to make her wet and gently locate her G-spot by rotating your finger/s from clockwise or counter clockwise, and observe which rotation she likes more, even go deep so you know how deep she wants it when you insert your penis. You can tell with the woman’s moan when she gets aroused and you can tell when she is having an orgasm when her moan starts to go out of control, by the way she gyrates her hips, and most especially by the way she contracts her muscles inside. When you’ve located it, make her come, then it’s your turn by penetrating her with the position that would touch the exact location of her G-spot. And if it’s your lucky day, you might give her a major orgasm…or even multiple orgasms.”

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Paloma Esmeria

On getting a woman’s attention
She says: “Pickup lines just don’t do it anymore. The way to get a woman’s attention is to walk over and start a normal conversation. Avoid giving too many compliments early on. Keep it simple, but remain confident and keep your poise. “

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On introducing your partner to kinky stuff
She says: “Why don’t you try to ask your girl if you guys could watch a porn video together? When she agrees, get a video that specializes in that area. Suggest that both of you copy the same thing, meaning reenact the video while it’s playing.”

Abby Poblador and Jahziel Manabat

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On getting out of a lover’s squabble
Abby says: “The way to make amends is to leave your ego out of it—you don’t need to say sorry. You just need to admit that it takes two. So hindi ka malinis or walang kasalan.”
Jahziel says: “Do something extra sweet. A kiss and sorry but with added “I love you” okay na sa akin.”

On using sex toys in the bedroom
Abby says: “There are so many ways to improve your sex and love life. I don’t need plastic sex toys just to satisfy myself or my partner.”
Jahziel says: “To those who think that these are just for the very kinky, think again! Sex toys—‘marital aids’—for couples and bembang boosters for everyone else—can actually enhance sex.”

Divine Maitland-Smith

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On getting out of the friend zone
She says: “A girl can only think of you ‘as a friend’ if you stay in her comfort zone. Don’t be scared to move past it. And if you really like her, don’t be scared to ask her out. Do it.”

On giving a girl a kiss she’ll never forget
She says: “You want to be remembered, right? You want the girls who’ve kissed you to say great things about your skills. Try and include a naughty nibble on the lip and tease her with your tongue by licking her bottom lips gently. Hold her close and feel her hair while you're kissing. Give her a little pull on her hair while you're kissing her and give her some gentle kisses on her cheeks and neck. No girl can resist that!”

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