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6 Explosive Sex Studies That Made You A Better Lover In 2017
Knowledge is power, after all
by Khatrina Bonagua | Dec 27, 2017
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We’ve been dishing out local and foreign studies about sex and relationships to help you all out in the bedroom. Of course, no one's more knowledgeable about the human body, psychology, and everything else in between than the experts themselves. Some may agree with their research, while others doubt it from the get-go. Either way, their hypothesis and conclusions have somehow helped us to improve our sex lives in one way or another.

So before 2017 ends, we've rounded up the best and the hottest sex studies that we’ve featured this year. Take note, these might be useful if you’re planning to end the year with a bang (and, please, don't say you don't know what we mean). 

The most dangerous sex position of 2017

In a study published last June by the International Journal of Impotence Research, the most dangerous sex position for dudes in 2017 is doggy style. Experts say that while doing the doggy style, "the man exerts a lot of power into his thrusts, which can take a wrong turn if he is not diligent." Ouch!

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The place where you can experience the best orgasm

Swedish intimate lifestyle company LELO conducted a survey last July—with over 2,200 respondents from 21 different countries—to find out which nations have the most intense, loudest, and best orgasms. 

Most frequent – Norway, with 35 percent of Norwegians saying they climax at least once a day.

Loudest – Brazilians, with 65 percent of them admitting to scream and moan loudly when making love.

Most intense - Three countries were tied for the most extreme orgasms: Chile, Italy, and Spain. Ten to 13 percent of their population have assessed their climaxing power within the highest percentile.

Think of this then when you want to spice up your travel options for 2018.

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The age women experience the best orgasm

Contraceptive app Natural Cycles revealed last May that like fine wine, orgasms get better with age. Women reported to achieving more mind-blowing Os in their mid-30s—specifically at the age of 36— with six out of 10 respondents claiming it has become more frequent and better. Now, who says younger women are more energetic in the sack?

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The benefits of sexting

Send nudes? Yes, please! Earlier this year, online medical service provider surveyed 2,000 people on how often they sext and how it affected their sex life. Turns out, people who often flirted through their phones are more sexually satisfied. Of the respondents who sexted daily, 61 percent said they were “oh so very satisfied” with their sexual affairs. On the other hand, people who sexted less were not as happy with their partners. The researchers concluded many people use sexting as a way to strengthen their connections as well as to fire up intimate moments. Just be careful when sending those NSFW photos, please.

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The perils of masturbating too much

A study published last March in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that too much masturbation is (sorry not sorry) harmful for your sex life. The study says that when you masturbate often, your body will start to assume that that's how sex should feel. Frequent masturbation also keeps the volume of ejaculate low because the body takes time to synthesize it. Trust, nothing beats the real thing. Try to keep your hands off yourself, dude! 

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The amount of time sex should last

Last March, researchers behind sex toy retailer Lovehoney asked 4,400 sexually active individuals about the typical duration of their bedroom sessions. The answers vary, but 30 minutes was declared the optimum (and hottest) length for fooling around. Sadly, couples from all over the world fall short by 11 minutes. The average time that sex lasts according to them is 19 minutes—10 minutes for foreplay and 9 minutes for actual sexual intercourse. Here's your a resolution for the new year: take it slow, bro. 

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