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WATCH: The Bikini's Evolution Through The Years!

From grandma-kinis to the barely-there G-strings, we take a look at the evolution of the bikini!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | May 26, 2015
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Given that summer is just days from being officially over, we bet that you've already seen your fair share of bikini-clad girls. You've seen them parade their curves with the usual monotone two-pieces, the fresh florals, the triangle tops, the skimpy for skinnies, and the string bikinis for the courageous ones.

Yep, there's a shitload of bikinis for girls to choose from.

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But have you ever wondered when girls started wearing bikinis? Have you ever asked your grandma what she wore when she hit the beach back in the day?

Taking inspiration from Cut Video's video series called 100 Years Of Beauty, the guys from Breathless Resorts And Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic released a now-viral video which shows the evolution ofyou guessed itthe bikini!

From the nautical grandma-kini to the high-slitted tangas and scandalous G-strings, check out how summer's sexiest wardrobe has evolved from the late 1890s to today!


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The women of the last decade of the 1800s made the daring leap of showing some skin in public. Look at those smooth calves, gents!


Finally, the ladies ditched the dress and decided to wear something more basic and comfortable. We can totally see the nice curves!


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Summer came roaring for the ladies in the '30s as the accepted length of ladies' swimwear gets a generous cut!


A decade after, things shifted to color (and more skin)!


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Not only did the '60s give us rock n' roll, it also gave us the prototype of all modern bikinis—the two-piece swimsuit!


The decade of hippies and flower children also spawned more playful and bolder bikini cuts.


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Two words: Baywatch and tangas!


Everyone knows anything was acceptable during the '90s. So a playground-colored, high-waisted cut bottom for a swimsuit? Why not?


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The 2000s was all about symmetry and class. It's also when Sisqo released the hit "Thong Song" which boasts one of the most bootylicious MTVs known to man.

Present day

With a generous selection to choose from, today's generation certainly won't have any problems with choosing bikinis.

And so, we ask:

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Uhm, well...

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Want more on the evolution of bikinis? Catch the full video below:

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