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The FHM Breast Test: How Well Do You Know Your Boobs?

Are you an FHM Babes expert? Take our cleavage-filled quiz to find out!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 26, 2014
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Here at FHM, we like to ask the questions that matter: Why is the traffic so awful nowadays? Why do our girlfriends hate us when they're PMS-ing? And most importantly, why does Carlos Agassi hate buttons so much?

Today, however, we ask something even more important: How well do we know our boobs?

Yes, self-proclaimed FHM Babes experts, today we put your babe-knowledge to the test, and see how well you can identify your favorite FHM Babes just by their breasts. Look closely (but not too closely, you perv) and see how many you can identify correctly.

To see if your answer is right, click on the boobs to proceed to the full photo. No cheating!

1)   CLUE: "I grew up in Malaysia but I visited [the Philippines] during the summer."

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2)   CLUE: "I’m a host and a car show model. I also do cosplay minsan, but now I’m taking voice lessons.


3)   CLUE: "Yes! I love accounting!"



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4)   CLUE: "Well, my ex and I had sex in a public sauna once. Ha ha ha!"


5)   CLUE: "I want to be satisfied. At the end of the day, it’s two bodies, two souls that need to reach that ecstasy."

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6)   CLUE: "Ang liit ng build ko, hindi ako super-sexy. Siguro kaya rin sila natuwa, dahil nga iba."

7)   CLUE: "A little sexy is wearing a skirt that’s not too short, perhaps knee-length. I can wear a top that’s sleeveless and a little low on the chest."

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