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The Gentleman’s Guide To Giving Flowers On Valentine’s Day

Everything you need to know about tapping flower's power on the most romantic day of the year
by Shayne Abello | Feb 10, 2017
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The most romantic day of the year is coming up and we’re guessing you’re either feeling cool and confident with all your pre-arranged V-Day plans already in place, or stressed AF because you’ve got nothing set up and scrambling to get something together at the last minute.

If, by chance, you don’t have anything prepared, or not fussed about it because, once upon a time, your girl told you she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, here’s a hint for you: it’s a trap!

Are you appropriately panicked, yet? If you are, cheers! And don’t worry, because we’re here to lend you a hand. Follow this foolproof guide to giving your lady love the perfect flowers this Valentine’s Day and you may just get a lovestruck smile out of her yet!

Are roses your only go-to option?

You probably already guessed this, but roses are really popular during this holiday. In fact, they’re so popular that you risk getting accused of being unoriginal or a cliche if you show up with them. Here’s the thing, though, the trick to pulling off the rose bouquet is pretty simple: Just don’t half-ass it.

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Don’t just pick the first off-the-rack, pre-made bouquet wrapped in cheap cellophane you see; instead, work with your florist to make a custom arrangement. If you can only choose from set designs, make sure you at least take some time to pick one that you know you’ll date will like. Trust us, she’ll notice.

And remember, you’re not required to pick roses just because it’s Valentine’s Day. In fact, Allan Lipata of Holland Tulips stays true to the brand and suggests tulips instead. Not only are they generally cheaper, he told us, but they’ll stand out in the sea of red roses that usually come out to play on the big day.

Of course, aside from roses and tulips, there are countless other gorgeous choices out there that would serve you just well. You can give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers instead, or perhaps an arrangement of blooms that you know would suit her personality perfectly. You can also go all out and show off the romantic in you by giving her a special message using the language of flowers. The sky’s the limit on this one, fellas. There’s really nothing stopping you from picking any kind of flower you want—all that matters is that you actually put some thought into it.

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Can you go for something more colorful for a change?

If you do decide to go with roses, make sure you know what you’re saying with them. Red roses, for example, are usually given as a sign of romantic love; yellow, for friendship; pink, for secret love (or crush, we suppose), and white, for innocence and purity (or, the"I’m not necessarily looking to get laid tonight, I’m just thoughtful" rose).

Thankfully, other flowers—and their color variants—don’t say quite as much and as loudly, so if you’d rather avoid the drama of unintentional relationship status declarations via roses, they’re the smarter choice.

Pro-tip: While a rainbow bouquet of assorted flowers can look very nice, just sticking to one solid color can turn out a winner too, florist Wilna Yecla of Tecson Flowers tells us.

Just how many is too much?

Supposedly, a single flower is a proclamation of love at first sight; three means “I love you”, and a dozen is shorthand for “Be mine” (or something exaggeratedly romantic). In our opinion, though, the number of flowers you give doesn’t really matter much. People rarely bother with counting stems, they’re just happy they got something!

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So don’t stress too much over this one. If you want to play it safe, most florists recommend you go with an even dozen. Take note, also, that many flower shops have minimum orders and, usually, you need to get at least three stems for a bouquet.

Is it okay to fancy things up?

In the last few years, there’s been a massive demand for special Valentine’s Day bouquets that hold not just flowers, but stuffed toys and chocolate as well. Both myFlower Depot and Island Rose recommend these terribly convenient and incredibly cute, all-in-one packages, and they've had a lot of fun thinking up of interesting combos that'll give you the most bang for your buck.

If you’re not a fan of something so elaborate, though, Tecson’s Yecla tells us her own V-Day arrangement of choice would be simple chocolates paired with the store’s Ecuadorian roses—a match made in heaven, for sure! Holland Tulip’s Lipata, on the other hand, likes something even more stripped down, suggesting just flowers for the bouquet so that the blossoms are the main stars, with nothing crowding (or crushing) them.

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How reliable are online flower shops?

When you’re strapped for time but don’t want to just buy whatever’s available at your nearest sidewalk flower stall, then ordering online is the way to go. (Once again, we thank the Powers That Be for giving us the Internet, and all the convenience we now enjoy because of it.)

There are many benefits to getting your flowers online, the least of which being that you don’t have to leave the house to place your order. Another advantage would be the complete catalogue of products that’s readily available for your perusal. The selections online are usually wider and more varied as well since sellers aren’t constrained by the physical limitations of tiny kiosks or brick-and-mortar stores.

Of course, while you can request for any and all arrangements online, if you can’t decide on one and would rather try mixing and matching flowers to see what look best together, you’d have an easier and faster time doing so at your friendly neighborhood flower shop where you’ll have immediate access to the flowers and the florist.

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Since the online flower delivery industry has proven to be so lucrative, many flower shops have set up websites and social media pages to receive orders. For most of them, more business is done online than off it.

Like typical business transactions online, the process usually involves choosing the items you want, providing delivery details (and the message or greeting you want to go with the flowers), and picking a payment method.

As a rule of thumb, always check out all the different ways you can pay for your purchase so you can pick the method that’s most convenient for you. While most stores accept debit and credit cards, some of them also allow for bank deposits (like myFlower Depot), or payment through Paypal (like Island Rose).

Will you have enough cash for your date?

Not-so-fun fact: prices for flowers always spike around February. Because of the steep rise in demand, most retailers raise their prices by a significant amount. Which is exactly why you should order as early as possible. In fact, myFlower Depot tells us that the “best time to order for Valentine’s Day would be towards the end of January when prices are still low.” To give you an idea of the kind of budget-breaking mark-ups you’re risking the longer you wait, prices at Flower Depot increase by 30 percent on the holiday itself.

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And here’s another reason to order your flowers early: to keep up with the operational demands, some shops stop accepting orders entirely by a certain date. Take for example Island Rose, which will only take orders until February 12 to ensure that all their Valentine’s Day deliveries make it on time.

Prices vary across the board, of course. You might get lucky and find a store that’ll sell you a three-stem bouquet for less than P1000, and a dozen roses for little more than double that price. Or, you might end up spending around P5,000 for a six-blossom hand bouquet. Either way, you should be prepared to do some serious cashing out for Valentine’s Day, especially if you don’t plan on buying flowers until the day itself.

Now here’s a bit of good news: Most online flower shops already include the delivery charge into their prices, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank even more. If it’s within Metro Manila, some stores don’t even charge you anything at all. Hurrah!

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When the destination is local to them, same-day delivery is something many stores promise. On Valentine’s Day, though, you’re better off ordering early and just specifying a time and place instead of relying on the kindness of delivery boys.


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