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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

These girls have been naughty and, you know, it&rsquo;s nice<br /><br />
by Ronjay Eduvas | Nov 30, 2011
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My boyfriend decided to spend his birthday in Davao, my hometown. I gave him a lot of birthday surprises from midnight until sundown the next day. But for dinner, I wanted us to celebrate at home. In order to have some time of our own, we went to my house at 2 p.m. since my parents would arrive at 6. The moment we got there, I called my mom to inform her I was home.

She told me she'd go home early. All this time, my boyfriend was checking his email, so I told him to use the Internet later and pulled him to my room. I wanted him so bad I immediately undressed and pushed him to bed. His nervousness made me so feel hotter so I pulled him harder toward me whenever he pumped. He was dripping with cold sweat as he told me he was scared we might get caught—imagine, he's the good-boy type and I'm the exact opposite. When we were done, he went back to surfing the net. Since my folks weren't around yet, I interrupted him again and offered to masturbate in front of him, but on one condition: He should refrain from touching me. I could tell he really enjoyed it: He kept on trying to touch me and even said he wanted to eat me.

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It was almost 5 p.m. and my mom had not yet arrived. We decided to watch a romantic comedy while waiting for them. Feeling extra naughty, I touched him all over while watching the film. I unzipped his pants and sat on him. I pumped hard and fast even though the windows and doors were wide open. A few minutes after we were done, my parents arrived at the house. And what did they see? Nothing. Just my boyfriend’s smiling face, grateful for all the wonderful gifts I gave him that day.
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