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Women Reveal The Most Common Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Use your tongue wisely
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 23, 2017
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A NSFW AskReddit thread has revealed some on the most common mistakes men make in bed.

The thread, which started over a year ago, is trending as of the moment for its valuable sex lessons. It has over 6,000 comments from women all over the world.

Here, we gathered the top mistakes guys have made according to the Redditors, and summarized it into 7 helpful tips.

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1) Groom yourself

“A lot of guys aren't clean enough. Ultimately, I don't care what your dick looks like as long as that dick is clean. A sparkling clean, non-sweaty dick is way, way more likely to get enthusiastic blowjobs.” – Sexycornwitch

“For the love of God, wash your balls!” – Deleted User

2) Don’t skip foreplay

“You can't go down on me for two minutes and expect an orgasm to magically appear. Those things take work, and they don't always come for me, so if you're gonna go down there with your tongue, you better be ready to take your sweet time. “ – bullwinkle394

”Thinking foreplay is 2 minutes of kissing, 30 seconds of taking off my clothes and 20 seconds of kissing from my neck to my V. Men, remember you guys are like microwaves and we are like ovens. We need adequate warming up time.” – anitalithium 

“If you want something more that dead weight to hump you better warm me up and push some buttons. If you don't take the time on foreplay then don't expect me to do anything more than grit my teeth and wait for it to be over.” – ObliviousCitizen

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3) Pay attention to other parts of her body

“Please do not ignore my boobs. The nipples are 2 little magic buttons that will work wonders for you if you actually pay attention to them.” – bullwinkle394

“Women have more body parts than tits, ass, and pussy. Want to get a woman going? Touch her whole body, take your time. It will make her feel like you find her sexy and wanted, not just a pussy you want to fuck.” – Rebellious1

“Kissing ONLY my face and ignoring everything else. Kiss my neck, my tummy, my hips, my thighs...”  -Deleted User


4) Make enough noise

“Just let it flow naturally. You shouldn't force it, but don't contain it either. Try to forget about any noise you're making and focus on her instead. When you stretch in the morning you have no issues letting out groans/moans of satisfaction. Sex should be no different.” – Gotitaila

“Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than seeing a dude twisting their faces into bizarre positions, clearly doing everything they can to stifle their moans. Just act normal and let them flow.” – IntrinsicSurgeon

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“If I'm moaning and panting and you're not moaning at some point, I'm probably not gonna waste my time with you anymore. At least make SOME noises or say something sexy when you're cumming....I like someone who is into it just as much as I am...” – heatheritis

“Being totally silent in bed is kind of a buzzkill. I want to know that you're letting loose and enjoying yourself; that makes it way more enjoyable for me. Grunt, moan, say what's feeling good, say what you like about what you're seeing, say what you're going to do, etc.” – onthehighwaytomel

5) Treat the clit with caution

“Please do not beat my vagina with your fingers as fast as you can. Seriously, that is NOT going to get me off. It hurts.” – xandrenia

“Don't curl your fingers so much [when inside her]. It shouldn't be like you're trying to scrape her g-spot off.” – reijn

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“It’s [the clit] sensitive - I don't need you to mash it or rub it hard enough to start a fire. This isn't Survivor.” – DoneAllWrong

“Just start lightly, if she wants it harder, she'll tell you.” – Violetslittlebitch

“Stop mauling my clit like you're trying to rub a genie out of my bush. That bitch is sensitive man. Get it wet first, two fingers, rhythmic circular motion, firm but not rough.” – CreamPieSatan

6) Use your tongue wisely

“The trick is to pay close attention to how she reacts to things then take it from there. I've been with girls who like it when you lightly flick it with your tongue, and some that press it against my face as hard as they can for a tight seal and lots of pressure. One of the best ways to figure out what oral technique a girl likes is to have her straddle your face, then she'll put exactly where she wants it..” – sammysfw

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“If you wanna know how to perform oral on a girl, watch some lesbian porn. Those girls know how to go down on each other. Note that they aren't trying to fuck the girl with their tongue. There is licking and most importantly sucking! Think about how good it feels to have your dick sucked, well it feels that good for a girl to get her clit sucked too. No teeth, same rules.” – deckpumps_n_deldos

7) Listen to her

“When we say, ‘Oh god yes, just like that!’ We mean it. We don't mean double-down, twice as fast, harder, etc. We mean JUST. LIKE. THAT.” – streamstroller 

“Ask the girl. Different people have different levels of sensitivity, so just pay attention to your partner and communicate.” – Foxclaws42

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