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3 Updated Foreplay Moves To Impress Your Hot Date

In this fast-paced world of modern dating, sealing the deal on the first try isn’t out of the question—as long as you know which buttons to push and which ones to undo
by Danielle Pe Benito | Aug 28, 2017
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The current ways of scoring are so different from the panliligaw of the past generations. The emergence of dating websites and apps like Tinder made sure of that. While some old-school tricks still work, the modern man is faced with the dilemma of not knowing when to make the next move due to the even more blurred lines between yes and no. Here’s a guide that will clear up anything that's malabo and help you maintain your status as a gentleman.

Knight In Shining Armor

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Be a total gentleman when you’re around her. According to licensed psychologist and sex blogger/therapist from The Sexy Mind, Rica Cruz, you should stand right behind her when you’re walking. This is so she feels like you can protect her. Opening doors for her will also help her open up to you, if you know what we mean. Wink!


Open-Minded Ka Ba?

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A good conversationalist pays attention to the company he keeps. Relationship coach Aileen Santos says you should maintain eye contact and turn your body toward her when she’s speaking. So, throw all the torpe moves and tito pickup lines out the window and talk about something else other than the weather.

Get Turnt

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“Always offer to buy her a drink,” says Cruz. A little liquid encouragement always loosens the lips and eases the first-date jitters. But don’t get her too drunk, either. Remember: She always has to be clear-headed above all else. #ConsentIsCool

This story was originally published in the August 2017 issue of FHM Philippines. For more on this story, grab a copy of the magazine.

Minor edits were made by the editors.


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