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That other friend with benefits

Starting the year right: movie trippers, hostile couples, wet bikinis, and two houses on fire
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 29, 2011
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A friend of mine whom I’ll call Justin (he's actually an ex of one of my gimik friends) invited me to his place to watch a movie with him and his guy friend, who would sleep over at his house. I didn’t have plans that night and decided to go. We drank a few bottles of beer while watching Friends with Benefits on DVD. After the movie, his friend retired and went straight to the bedroom. Justin turned off the lights, leaving only the TV on. He then sat beside me and hugged me. He started kissing my neck, which made me feel hot. I kissed him on the lips down to his neck and slowly unzipped his pants.

Things got really steamy from there. At one point, I moaned loud that I might have awoken his friend. I even thought I saw him watching us from one corner of the house but I wasn’t really sure if I was just having visions. Still Justin and I went on and tried different positions. After the whole act, we slept together on the couch. When we woke up the next morning, I caught his friend staring at me. I was about to go back to my house when he said, "Ang ganda pala ng Friends with Benefits live.” My face turned red.
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