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The price is right

<p>Below, the New Year's resolutions we wish the ladies would never have</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 30, 2010
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My boss asked me to look for an accountant for our new office. I asked my husband for references and he remembered our college kabarkada, John, who is now a CPA. I knew that John had the hots for me even when my husband and I were still dating back in college. Another guy friend of ours even told me that John would secretly steal my undies and take pictures of me while I was wearing my bikini during barkada swimming vacations. I know for a fact he stills keeps them as remembrance. My husband, knowing this didn’t seem to bother me, would even tease me by saying, “Suotin mo yung mini-skirt na regalo ko sa ’yo.”

So, I followed my husband’s advice. On the day that I met up with John, I wore my super mini skirt and a white tank top, which almost revealed my blue lacy bra. I could see John’s eyes roaming as we talked in our office. By the time we finished talking, it was just the two of us inside the office. I asked him, “So magkano ang ibabayad namin sa iyo for your services ha?” He answered, “Ikaw na ang bahala.” Then he added while smiling sheepishly, “Alam mo naman kung ano lang ang gusto ko, eh.” I just smiled at him and asked him to wait on the couch. I kissed him passionately. I remembered his fantasy about me doing a striptease before giving him a blowjob. So I stood, then slowly removed my top and skirt then teasingly threw it at his face. I then climbed back on top of him, removed his polo and pants, and then started to lick his chest down to his abs, savoring every moment.

When I finally reached his underwear, I removed it with my teeth. I gave him head and swallowed all his cum, something I never did with my husband. He then instructed me to remove my matching blue bra and panties, to which I obliged. Then he pushed me down the couch and we did the doggie. He came inside me while whispering that I made his dream finally come true. When I reached home, my husband jokingly asked me, “Ano solve ba si John sa iyo?” If only he knew how pampered John was that day. I even gave him my undies add to his collection.
Ava, by email

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