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The Curious Case Of The Reappearing Woman

'Hi, musta na? Pwede ba tayo mag-usap? Miss na kita'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 20, 2016
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Surprise, surprise.

Your phone suddenly beeps and boom, a message from your ex-girlfriend.

It's been years. For starters, she effin' broke your heart. You tried getting back with her for months, but she unfriended you on Facebook. While you drank like there's no tomorrow, she got a new boyfriend a month after your breakup (What about Popoy?!). You had a hard time moving on, she easily forgot about you.


And now, having finally gotten over her and on with your life—which took you years—she starts sending signals out of nowhere. Like Donya Ina you go, "Paki-explain?"

We actually feel you. That is why after helping you dissect the anatomy of the Paasa Woman, FHM is on to our next curious case: the Reappearing Woman.

So before replying on impulse, you might want to put down your phone first and read up on the reasons she's back, before you find yourself wrapped around her little finger again.

Gym selfies

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Perhaps she's admiring all the hard work you put on to lose that beer belly. You really can't blame her as you flaunted a dad bod when you were still together—the exact opposite of Channing Tatum, who's been her all-time crush. Now, your body (at least) looks just like his, especially with those cuts, pecs and guns you've proudly posted on your public Instagram account. Your balik-alindog program is a success! Or is it?

Shoulder to cry on

Having been together for years, you know her the best. She needs someone to talk to after fighting with her boyfriend. Yes, the one who succeeded you. She believes you won't judge her, you're always on her team, and that you give the best advice. Who are you to resist a crying ex-girlfriend? Of course you cannot, and she sure knows that.


Ego boost

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According to John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, one of the primary needs of women is validation. That's exactly what your ex is looking for—someone to make her feel special. Maybe her lover at the moment sucks at the appreciation department, or if she's single, she misses being admired other than by family and friends. She's been waiting an eternity to hear those "Mas lalo kang gumanda," or "Ang galing mo!" lines.

'Thirsty and itchy'

Scientifically, a woman's desire for sex is correlated to her menstrual cycle, with many experiencing heightened sexual desires before ovulation. Blame it on her hormones, the cuddle weather, and her boyfriend who's out of town—your ex might just want to get busy with you.

Picture of you with another girl

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She may be a little jealous, but that doesn't necessarily translate to "She still loves me." It would be wrong to assume that, as she might just be testing if she still got a hold of you. "I know he hasn't completely moved on yet. Wait, I'll text him,” she probably boasts to her girl friends. Even better is her finally realizing she's still into you. Speaking of which...


If you're still single, and so is she, maybe (and we know this sounds cheesy) you two are really meant to be. What if she really means that "I miss you"? If you're willing to take the risk of either getting your heart broken (again) or back together with her, then go ahead, reply.


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