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How To Tell She Likes You By What She's Wearing, According To Science

You just don't realize it, but she's dropping a big, big hint
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 20, 2016
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That classy red lip thing your Maine Mendoza fanatic of a girlfriend likes? She's deliberately sporting that to get your attention.

It's generally accepted that women have mastered the art of seduction. We are, unfortunate as this may sound, in their mercy.

But what if we told you that we've found a loophole? A very big one, at that.

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Remember the "Red Dress Effect," a scientific theory where men are said to be befuddled every time they see a woman wearing a red outfit. A red dress, to a man, the study said, means a woman is open to sexual advances. However, a recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE suggest that if your date shows up in anything red, she finds you attractive.

In the study "Strategic Sexual Signals: Women's Display versus Avoidance of the Color Red Depends on the Attractiveness of an Anticipated Interaction Partner," 79 women—between the ages of 18 to 43—received an email about when and where the experiment would take place, including a photograph of the research assistant who will serve as facilitator. Some of them got an "attractive" researcher, while others had an "unattractive" one.


Upon arriving at the location, the women were told that the assistant was unavailable, and that someone else would take over. The women were then photographed, close-up and whole body. They were also asked questions regarding their relationship status, personal perceived attractiveness, and general demographics.

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Photo analysis revealed that more of the women who thought they were meeting a handsome dude wore red than those who thought they would come across a rather unappealing one.

It's not just about the clothing though. Lipstick, articles like bag and shoes, or any accessory of the said color can also indicate her interest, according to the authors of the study.

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And what if your date wears pink? not fret because that counts, too!

The appeal of pink and red is nothing new. Women have favored those colors for nearly 12,000 years. Blame it on biology; those hues are greatly associated with fertility, which of course, amps up the libido.

So next time you're at a party, beware of women wearing red—if they aren't there to meet you, they probably wore it for someone else. And if you're seeing someone and she seems to be fond of red clothes, thank your lucky stars, and science.


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