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And The Secret To Better Sex For Married Couples Is…

Hint: It has something to do with dishes and brooms. 
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 6, 2015
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Listen up, married folks!

According to a study from the University of Alberta, the secret to having a better sex life for married couples is—wait for it—to take turns in doing household chores.

No, really!

This should be you!

With the help of 1,338 couples, the researchers found out that men who help their wives with household chores end up having not just more sex, but also sex that is—how should we put it?—steamier.

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The participants of the study are all Germans, however, which leaves open the question of this being a cultural thing. In Germany, the researchers noted that they still practice traditional gender roles which mean the males are normally less likely to do chores. This also means that the study might have different results when conducted in a different country with a different set of gender roles. 

Dr. Matt Johnson, the lead author of the study, explained: "In any relationship, the amount of housework is going to mean something different based on the couple’s context, based on their own expectations for what each partner should be doing, and their comparison levels of what happens with other couples they know."

Simply put, if you meet your partner's expectations in something as mundane as household chores, you'll be setting yourself up for high-quality romps in the bed. 

He concluded: "Men are likely to experience more frequent and satisfying passion for both partners between the sheets when they simply do their fair share."

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You know what to do when you get home later, bros!

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